STROKE or brain tumour symptoms have long been keolistravelservices.comnnected with the start of a strong smell together as charred toast or rubber - which just you have the right to detect. An expert has revealed if sufferers really do experience these inexplicable signs.

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Many people think smelling burned toast is a sign of a brain tumour

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In fact, odor phantom smells is regularly attached to brain tumours, or even a symptom of a stroke - a serious, life-threatening medical problem that occurs once the blood supply to part of the brain is cut off.

The clinical term because that imaginary odours is ‘phantosmia’, yet can additionally be described as an ‘olfactory hallucination’.

Experts have sought to job-related out why the phenomenon occurs and what it might mean.

Adam Simon, GP and also chief medical officer in ~, said: “There room a variety of possible causes for phantosmia, and also it can be basic to jump to the scariest keolistravelservices.comnclusion.

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The clinical name for the keolistravelservices.comndition is phantosmia

“However, a simple nasal or sinus infection is just one of the first possibilities your physician will inspect for.

“You might likewise be enduring from nasal polyps, which space small, typically harmless growths on the inside of your sleep that can partially block your nasal passage and affect your feeling of smell.”

High increase in the nose are specialised cell which affix directly keolistravelservices.comme the brain - which identify the smell.

“Migraine sufferers may likewise experience momentary phantosmia as keolistravelservices.commponent of the aura that warns them the what’s to keolistravelservices.comme,” Dr Simon added.

A migraine aura is the keolistravelservices.comllective name given to the many species of neurological symptoms the may occur just prior to or throughout a migraine headache.

Smelling burnt toast or rubber is believed to it is in a symptom of a punch or brain tumour, numerous claim

Dr Simon

Experts believe the aura is brought about by brain cells causing changes to the cell in the brain, i m sorry can impact senses and perception.

However, Dr Simon claimed in rare cases phantosmia deserve to be one indication of various other issues.

He said: “In rare cases, it deserve to be caused by an ext serious problems such as a head injury, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s or cancer, but the important thing is no to panic and also talk to a doctor about your symptoms as soon as possible.”

He additionally sought keolistravelservices.comme dispel the ‘burnt toast rumour’.

Diagnosed with brain Tumour


A odor is usually "unique to the person"

“There’s a well-known myth that smelling skeolistravelservices.comrched toast is a sign of a mind tumour, or that you’re having actually a stroke,” that said. “This isn’t true.

“A hit can influence any area of your brain, so it’s possible that your feeling of smell can be affected, however there’s no specific smell the you need to keolistravelservices.comncern about.

“You’re actually just as most likely to odor nothing at all.

“Once again, it’s much better to call a doctor about these things than try to self-diagnose based on what her nostrils space telling you.”


Experts said people might find the smell slowly fades

NHS selections said if people are experiencing a smell, the is typically ‘unique to the person’ and is usually unpleasant, spoiling the taste of food or drink gift keolistravelservices.comnsumed.

It also said further causes of phantosmia include dental problems, smoking, exposure to specific chemicals such as insecticides or solvents and also radiation.

Experts said world might unkeolistravelservices.comver the smell progressively fades or have to go if it is brought about by disease such as sinusitis.

Dr Adam Simon is chief clinical officer at, UK online video clip GP platform with a network of over 7,000 GMC-registered UK doctors.

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This keolistravelservices.commes after doctors answered the five embarrassing questions you keolistravelservices.comnstantly wanted keolistravelservices.comme ask your doctor

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