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Frequently inquiry Questions
Q: What is the difference in between Apple Cider and also Apple Juice?
A: apologize Cider is just fresh squeezed apples. Apple Juice begins as Cider, and then that is heated come pasteurize the product. This process makes the juice shelf stable, which way it walk not should be refrigerated till opened and it has actually a lengthy shelf life. New Apple Cider that has actually not to be pasteurized needs to be preserved refrigerated and also it will begin to ferment after around two weeks, eventually coming to be Apple Cider Vinegar!
Q: What is to apologize Butter?
A: apologize Butter isn"t yes, really butter in ~ all, however rather a jam or preserve with a smooth consistency. It is made v Apples, Sugar, and also some secret spices and is an excellent for spreading on biscuits, toast, or apple Fritters.

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Q: once is "Apple Season?"
A: apple season begins in so late August through the harvest of a couple of early varieties, such as Gala, element Gold, and also Ginger Gold. Us really start to pick many varieties and make fresh cider in September and continue v October. We finish apple harvest v the picking of so late season favorites favor Granny Smith and also Winesap. Us store enough apples in ours coolers to do fresh cider v Christmas.
Q: wherein does the apologize Barn get all those apples?
A: countless of our apples come from our an extremely own orchard ideal behind the barn! We have over 4,000 semi-dwarf trees in 14 various varieties. Every apple get an impressive on those trees are sold right on the farm. Many thanks to the many nice folks that visit united state every year, we now need more apples 보다 we deserve to supply, so several local orchards in our county now prosper apples just for us. We additionally have some friends in surrounding states that assist us out when needed. For the many part, us sell in your ar grown apples due to the fact that we feel like it is much superior to the fruit sold in most grocery shop today. The southerly Appalachian an ar has some unusual weather during the cultivation season. Some at an early stage mornings that start out cool can finish up quite warmth in the afternoon.

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Temperature variations of 20 levels during a 24-hour duration are not uncommon. This puts additional stress on the trees and also causes them come impart much more flavor into the fruit.
Q: Is the apple Barn really a barn?
A: yes! The barn was built about 1910 and also sheltered hay, cattle, and horses until 1980 once it was carefully cleaned and also became "The apple Barn"!