Hello there! once I come throughout a brand or product ns really like, you can count top top me to share it below with girlfriend on the blog. This day I’m doing specifically that v my TOMS shoes review. Yes, my husband is likewise named Tom for this reason I may be a tad biased, but honestly, ns bought a pair that TOMS top top a whim and they have exceeded my expectations. Considering a pair the TOMS Classics?

Read on because that my TOMS shoes review!

TOMS shoes review: room TOMS precious it?

I first heard the TOMS a few years ago but wasn’t marketed on the style. At the time, I simply wasn’t in the market for a casual shoe and they seemed kind of level for mine tastes. I prefer shoes through a little an ext going on. Also though i didn’t to buy a pair then, ns did remember your message. TOMS’ marketing team go a fabulous job at getting their #OneForOne blog post out there. Through every purchase, TOMS help someone in need — one of two people by donating a pair the shoes, help with clinical care, supporting water mechanism installation and so much more.

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You can feel an excellent about to buy TOMS because your money helps enhance lives. It’s a nice bonus to know your money is act a small bit of good in the world.

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So recently, a friend had shared a picture online of she TOMS, so ns headed over to the TOMS France site to view what they were all about. The layouts seemed to have much more flair than I remembered, and also in addition to the classics, TOMS makes boots, sandals, bags, glasses and also more. I loved every the patterns and also materials native which you can choose. A couple of minutes later, i impulsively bought the gray shoes images in this post, the Grey Marl Women’s Classics.

And wow, have actually they impression me!


Here’s a tiny info about the standards style.

The top of the shoe has an elastic “V” for and also easy on/off fit. In regards to details, you’ll also see a tiny TOMS tag (white with black letters) ~ above the side of each shoe and a blue-and-white striped TOMS logo design on the heel area. Ns noticed the molded footbed appropriate away and it to be so very comfortable. The shoes likewise have a rubber outsole so you don’t slip and also a removable, antimicrobial amount say liner.


The basics:

Style ns bought: Grey Marl Women’s Classics

Price: currently US$55 ~ above the US site or 49.95 euros on the French site

Sizing: True come size. I’m quite much constantly a 9 and also bought a 9 in TOMS. This style’s fit to be perfectly snug for this reason they won’t slip turn off if you need to walk fast. The broad felt regular to regular/narrow, i m sorry is perfect for me.

Overall feel: her feet will certainly feel supported and cushioned. Super comfortable!


Looking at the standards line, you’ll view they’re somewhat level without too lot detailing or hardware, yet once friend slip your foot right into them, you’ll check out why they’ve become my new favorite casual shoe. Castle look good with casual pants, shorts and even skirts and will easily change into fall.

I can’t speak to your durability yet due to the fact that I’ve only worn castle for about a week, but I’ll be sure to upgrade the post and also report earlier on quality when I’ve worn them a little more.

Get your own pair top top the TOMS website here.

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Here’s one more eco-friendly brand ns LOVE! Rothy’s!


If you favor TOMS, inspect out an additional ethically made shoe brand called Rothy’s. Your flats are gorgeous and made out of recycle water bottles!


Have you bought a pair of TOMS shoes before? do you love the classics line as lot as i do? What carry out you think?


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