As far as a car’s radiator is concerned, winter – and the freezing temperatures that it brings around the world – is the many dangerous time of the year. The cold have the right to have a seizing-up effect and also severely impact the car’s engine; calculation it can not to run and also necessitating high-quality repairs. You can even need to scrapping that the car completely!

To gain round this, auto owners rental antifreeze, i beg your pardon is often puzzled with coolant. Back you can think the coolant and antifreeze room one and the same, you both right and also wrong.

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What is antifreeze?

Antifreeze is generally used as among the contents of a coolant mixture – coolant is usually a 50-50 split in between antifreeze and also water. Antifreeze (specifically the ethylene glycol, i beg your pardon is its main ingredient) is supplied to reduced the freezing suggest of the liquid the circulates roughly the engine the a vehicle. This helps avoid the fluid freezing throughout cold temperatures, and raising the boiling allude of the liquid so that it doesn’t evaporate. The coolant additionally keeps the internal parts the the engine lubricated so the they occupational smoothly.

Antifreeze put right into a car radiator. Image credit: Evelyn Giggles via Wikimedia Commons

What color is antifreeze?

The two usual colors of antifreeze can also be the cause of confusion. Why should one be green and one orange? The orange antifreeze is generally “extended life” antifreeze that lasts for much longer than the green kind due come a different kind of corrosion inhibitor.

Is antifreeze coolant?

Although there space two color of antifreeze, neither form of antifreeze is the exact same as coolant. Instead, they have to both be mixed with water (not with each other) to create coolant, and also never poured right into an engine system by themselves. The enhancement of water distinguishes antifreeze indigenous engine coolant or radiator coolant – transforming antifreeze right into coolant and ensuring that it can successfully perform its main task: avoiding both freezing and overheating in ~ a vehicle’s engine.

Does antifreeze go in the engine coolant?

Once blended with water, you just pour antifreeze into the same location as the engine coolant: the expansion tank, or reservoir. It will certainly then filter ’round the engine and also mix with your coolant come make certain the liquid does not freeze. If friend have already applied K-Seal, K-Seal HD or K-Seal can be fried to her vehicle, all three of the engine coolant, antifreeze and K-Seal will certainly mix without a difficulty – protecting your auto from leaks and also potential damages to her engine.

What must I perform if i constantly have to top up my coolant v antifreeze?

If your vehicle is shedding coolant that can regularly indicate a trouble with the vehicle radiator or head gasket. K-Seal is a scientifically proven, coolant leak repair mechanism for this problem. Usage our basic stockist find facility and you deserve to get ago on the roadway fast.

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