Everyone who has actually seen the TLC fact series 19 Kids and Counting knows the each son within the hyper-conservative Duggar family has been homeschooled. Those that aren"t specialized fans of the show, however, can be curious to know how far the Duggars gained in school. Do they each have GED-equivalent degrees from their homeschooling years? Did any of them go to college? We have the answers!

From participating in homeschool lessons taught by Michelle Duggar, to taking digital college courses, the Duggar children have preserved busy through their educations end the years. Here"s what the household has said about their homeschooling methods, and what few of the Duggar kids have sought after gaining their GEDs. (After all, we bet girlfriend didn"t know Jill Duggar Dillard is a certified midwife, go you?) native music come nursing, the Duggar clan has adopted a range of different interests, however it doesn"t look like any type of of them have earned college degrees just yet.

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Unsurprisingly, the Duggar children were taught religious-based lessons throughout their homeschool program. In 2010, family members matriarch Michelle Duggar spoke to TLC around her to teach approach. "Our goal has actually been to perform a Christian-based curriculum — one in i beg your pardon there"s a lot of character emphasis, character-building prefer responsibility, honesty, self-control," Michelle said the network. "All those kind that things space woven right into the ingredient that us use."

Michelle also mentioned the A.C.E. — accelerated Christian education and learning — curriculum during her conversation through TLC. The family members reportedly adheres to lesson plans from the advanced Training institute (ATI), one more faith-based homeschooling program. But it sounds choose the family members accounts for the reality that every day will be different in the homeschooling program. "When I very first homeschooled, ns tried to set up a traditional classroom but soon realized the wasn"t going come work," Michelle said Alpha Omega publications in 2012. "Not whatever is going come go as planned, and also you"re going come keep learning a far better way to perform things together time walk on."

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Michelle Duggar"s homeschooling regimen is totally self-taught. Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar were high school sweethearts who saw Shiloh Christian institution in Springdale, Ark. According to the school"s website, its aim is to provide students with "outstanding academics teach by a caring and also licensed faculty in a distinctive Christian environment." The college offers classic high institution courses, including AP Biology and Survey of Calculus, as well as "Christian Studies" courses. Michelle, who then-surname to be Ruark, was even a cheerleader in her high college days!

After high school, Jim Bob went on to obtain his genuine estate license and also his genuine estate investment portfolio is now worth an impressive $4.4 million, according to The Sun. It just goes to display that you don"t require a level to it is in financially successful! Jim Bob has additionally served together a member the the Arkansas home of Representatives and also he ran because that U.S. Senate in 2002 but didn"t win.

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If you"ve to be wondering whether the Duggar children take the GED, they do! all school-aged Duggar children take standardized tests each year, and also the high school kids take the GED, Michelle Duggar described in a TLC blog post.

"Each year we provide standardized test in may to every the youngsters that space in third grade through 9th grade. Because that us, it"s really fun due to the fact that we walk over come the testing facility, the youngsters take their tests and also then we"ll celebrate through ice cream after lock finish," Michelle explained in the blog post. "Later when they"re finished with their high school education, I"ll have actually them take it the GED test. It"s not required in ours state, but I choose them to execute it because it"s good for lock to have actually that certificate. That"s their tantamount of finishing your high college education."

Still, the Duggars haven"t explicitly shared which children have your GEDs, therefore it"s feasible that not every one of the older youngsters have accomplished that milestone yet. However, few of the Duggars have gone ~ above to take college courses, therefore it"s likely they happen the GED exam.

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While the didn"t graduate with a degree, Joseph Duggar attend Crown scriptures College in Tennessee because that a year. After that, the moved back to the Duggar family"s house state the Arkansas to job-related at the family"s construction business, follow to InTouch. As of 2017, Joseph had actually planned to earn his genuine estate license, prefer his dad Jim Bob Duggar, along with his advertisement driver"s license, yet it"s not clear whether or no he"s excellent so yet.

In addition to Joseph"s in-person education pursuits, few of the various other Duggar youngsters have taken virtual college courses with a program called CollegePlus! John-David and Jana Duggar both take it CollegePlus! classes, while Jana expressed interest in pursuing her nursing degree in 2011. The very same year, Jessa Duggar take it CollegePlus! classes in business and also Jinger Duggar was pursuing a music degree, every the Duggar family members Blog. Jill Duggar is additionally a certified midwife, but she doesn"t show up to have a education degree.

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Plus, a variety of the Duggar childrens" spouses have actually degrees. Jessa"s husband, Ben Seewald, walk to neighborhood college. Jill"s husband, Derick Dillard, is in regulation school. And Jinger"s husband, Jeremy Vuolo, became a significant League football player ~ graduating indigenous Hartwick College. It"s clear that education and learning is essential to the Duggars, and it sounds like many of them have their GEDs, and some university credits under your belt.