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I believe she was truly surprised by Merlin and also him help her with Mordred after 01x08.

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Especiallybecause he to be Arthur’s servant. This of course is the start of your relationship, and also when she potentialism realizes that Merlin is one of the only civilization she cantrulytrust.


His plot of helping her intended so lot to her that she actually was the an initial person to jump to the possibility of helping Merlin protect his mother and village. Ns think it states a lot because that the writer to select GWEN questioning MORGANA why Arthur is helping the village, and for Morgana come say the it’s because it’s because that the very same reason: Merlin. A the majority of other things can have been said with the same message, yet they determined to have MORGANA state the was because of MERLIN.


When i think sherealizesshe loves Merlin is in 02x03 - my favorite Mergana episode and also one where you have the right to truly see their exceptional chemistry.

The truth that she speak Merlin around her nightmares..after discovering him for less than a year is just….Mergana. Haha. Clearly she would never tell Uther, despite her being his Ward, and also even despite she has a complex relationship with Arthur and also shows that she goes to him because she knows she deserve to trust him come dosomethings, she never goes come Arthur around this details issue. Which i think says A LOT. Merlin’s action of kindness have truly baffled Morgana - the servant that works very closely with two civilization who despise magic. She not just trusts him with her nightmares, however she trusts him to tell the truth about the druids. He can have conveniently led her right into a trap, yet she trusts him sufficient to recognize that the wouldn’t execute that.

As they are rushing come escape you watch Merlin hazard his own life because that her. Again, he is sacrificing self for her an enig and she is in awe. She proclaims that she “will never forget his.” (Yea, okay writers…)

When the say’s “uhm” and also she look at up in ~ him…that my friends is the head tilt the a “you should kiss me…make the an initial move.” as soon as he says it’s great to have her back instead, she tho is touch by his kind words, however it’s likewise in the moment that she realizes the he is a servant and also she is a ward. The nothing have the right to ever come to be of them in ~ this moment in time.She also looks extremely disappointed the he did not lean in to kiss her.And to be honest, while there is no evidence of my next statement, i wouldn’t doubt that component of her hatred for Uther stems right into the truth that together his Ward that she can’t be with the person she loves.


Of course, tiny moments throughout season 2 as soon as Morgana is fear of people finding out about her magic, and she soon looks end to Merlin, together if saying “protect me” is an extremely blatant, and also again heartbreaking on understanding what is going to happen.

Then 02x11 roll around, and also you can see exactly how Morgana wants nothing much more than to it is in herself through people…Merlin gift her just anchor of the in Camelot. The sucks understanding that Alvarr is just using her, a prime example of what she is use to, however I choose to allude out the scene once she is telling Alvarr of just how she is therefore alone, and also when the tells her the very same thing the Merlin has. That goes in come kiss her..and she walk too, however then she stops… why? Is it no ironic the he almost told she the precise same point as Merlin, in the exact same place. She most likely realizes this and that’s why she stops. Notification how her next words is the she need to return to the castle… who do you think she was thinking of?! Merlin!


When Merlin leaves and she is protecting Uther (who she could have conveniently killed, mistaking that this was component of the plan) simply sits down… shocked as soon as again through Merlin…and her feelings.

After moving Uther and also being close come Merlin again, Merlin runs turn off to obtain servant clothes, leaving Morgana alone again through her feelings, gradually realizing what should be taking place. As soon as Merlin returns..the look on her face…the ns was “worried about YOU” - no the prince that Uther.. But YOU simply seals she love for him. Her comment of him being a “good friend” only makes the next couple of scenes worse.

I bet she would have actually bartered v Morgause to spare Merlin, and also probably Arthur, if she had the chance.

But alas.. Merlin poisons Morgana…and the hurt and also betrayal in she eyes. The truth that she insecurities that she believed she had actually washed away, flooding earlier as she stares into the soul of the only guy she important loved, and who she feel truly loved her.


Her eyes room basically speak “I loved you, for this an extremely reason, why did you betray me?”

She is around to cry in this scene..she isn’t faking..these space legit tears. The pains her the he not only says that “we have the right to find one more way.” however that she has convinced herself that “there is no other way”. Lets likewise note the she just stands there..she knows what that has concerned do but she doesn’t desire to move.

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She loves Merlin since when she is v him she doesn’t feeling alone.

That’s the for component 1. Will short article the last remaining seasons and also my discussion on why she love him till the end. :)