Spanning over a food of eight seasons, ‘The Vampire Diaries’ has got a substantial fan complying with who love the mythological teen series for its interesting plot twists and the renowned love triangle in between Elena and the 2 vampire brothers, Stefan and also Damon Salvatore. However, Elena’s ideal friend Caroline Forbes’ evolution did no go unnoticed, and also the pan have obtained equally invest in her life.

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But Caroline’s simmering romance with the attention and powerful original vampire-werewolf hybrid Klaus has obtained fans highly intrigued around their possible future together. Caroline brings the end in Klaus something no one else seems to, the is, love and also compassion. As amazing as the idea that them gift together might seem, fans desire to understand if Klaus does indeed get to be her “last” love. If girlfriend are searching for an answer, what us know can interest you!

Do Klaus and Caroline end Up Together?

Like many dramatic and also memorable relationships, Niklaus Mikaelson, aka Klaus, and Caroline start off on the wrong foot. They an initial meet in season 3 the ‘The Vampire Diaries,’ when Klaus turns Caroline’s werewolf boyfriend, Tyler, right into a hybrid. Ultimately, Klaus saves Caroline from dying after Tyler bites her. This moment goes under in history as the first time that Klaus shows that he is capable of love. With time, the two flourish close amidst the perpetual supernatural stress and anxiety at Mystic Falls. Klaus teaches Caroline what it means to be a vampire, which helps her take on her true nature.


No one can deny the the connection between Caroline and also Klaus is intense and unique, earning them the nickname “Klaroline.” Fans may remember that by the end of ‘The Vampire Diaries,’ Caroline’s life bring away a different direction due to the fact that she grows close come Stefan Salvatore, whom she eventually marries. However, Caroline’s delight is short-lived as soon as circumstances lead Stefan to his fatality as the sacrifices his life for Damon’s happiness. Meanwhile, Klaus proceeds to rule brand-new Orleans and does no let go of the wishes that Caroline could come earlier in his life someday.

Unfortunately, Klaus meets a comparable fate together Stefan. In the last episode the the spin-off collection ‘The Originals,’ he conserves his daughter expect by absorbing the dark magical powers, which leader to his death. Deep down, we know that Caroline did not let walk of Klaus totally as that is revealed that she conserved a years-old voicemail native him. Klaus’s death hurts prefer a punch to the gut since Caroline and Klaus finally reconnected after ~ years only to say goodbye in the finale that ‘The Originals.’

In an earlier interview, the showrunner the ‘The Vampire Diaries’ and also ‘The Originals,’ Julie Plec, told Entertainment Weekly, “Early ~ above if girlfriend would’ve inquiry me, ‘Where go Klaus go as soon as this is all over?’ I’d say, ‘He goes come Paris v Caroline Forbes.’” In an additional interview, she evidenced that Klaus and Caroline “could have finished up together.” However, like the fans, Plec did not want to dishonor the memory of Stefan. Caroline and Stefan had actually only started their life together once she loser him, and the idea of moving past his storage to take trip the civilization for eternity with Klaus did no seem right.

However, Plec reassured the fans that regardless of everything Caroline has been through, she’s walk to it is in alright. The showrunner discussed that Caroline has actually a lot on her hands through the Salvatore school for the Young and Gifted the she runs with Alaric and raising their two daughters. Interestingly, Klaus donated $3 million once the college was very first established, and also now his daughter Hope is among the students there.

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This component of ‘The Vampire Diaries’ cosmos is carried forward in the second spin-off collection called ‘Legacies.’ The showrunner love the idea that a person can “learn to love who new” even after experiencing an unbearable loss. For this reason Caroline’s fans deserve to keep your fingers crossed and hope the fate is kinder to she in ‘Legacies’ and also she finds happiness.