one are all over in nature, art and the sciences. The sun and the moon, v spherical, type circles in the sky and travel in approximately circular orbits; the hands of a clock and also the wheel on automobiles trace out circular paths; philosophically-minded observers speak the a the "circle the life."

Circles in level terms room mathematical constructs. You may need come know, utilizing math, just how to separate a complete circle right into equal sections for pie, land or creative purposes. If you have actually a pencil, in addition to a protractor, a compass or both, separating a circle into three equal components is straightforward and also instructive.

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A one encloses 360 levels of an arc, so because that this practice you require to develop a "pie" with three equal 120° angle at the center.

Use your straightedge (ruler or protractor) to attract a diameter or line through the center of the circle the reaches both edges. This of food divides your circle in half.

If the facility of the one is no marked, friend will discover it in this step since the diameter of any circle is the longest distance across the circle. Simply divide the value of the diameter by 2 and place a allude halfway along the line from one leaf to suggest the center.

Use your ruler or protractor to find a suggest exactly halfway in between the center and also one edge, or equivalently, one-fourth the the diameter or half of the radius. Brand this suggest A.

Use your protractor, or if vital the brief edge of her ruler, to draw a line through point A. Prolong this heat to the edge of the circle. Label the points in ~ which this heat intersects the sheet of the circle B and C.

Using her straightedge, produce lines connecting the center of the circle to points B and C. This lines stand for radii that the circle, which have a value of half of the diameter.

Because of this, you have the right to conclude that the inner angles of the circle you have created between the 2 hypotenuses, and the hypotenuse and the diameter top top the opposite next of the circle, space each 120°. Girlfriend thus have actually a circle split into 3 equal parts.

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