How come Visit the great Wall that China from Beijing in 2021

Getting indigenous Beijing come the good Wall of China have the right to be excellent 2 ways. Either independently (saves cost but takes an ext time, read listed below to view how), or friend can publication a tourism from Beijing (more expensive, however easier). I’ve excellent both, and both have their merits. If you desire to visit the great Wall that China from Beijing, I’m walking to explain how to execute it independently by bus, or exactly how to publication a cheap tour as well if you choose the simple way! It’s same to say travel from Beijing to The great Wall that China, one of the 7 brand-new wonders that the world, and an absolute must-see for any type of would-be traveller, so if you’re wondering exactly how to visit the an excellent Wall that China from Beijing, check out on – I’ll show you guys how!

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Visiting the an excellent Wall that China from Beijing:Badaling section; Juyongguan section:Mutianyu:Jinshanling:BEIJING come THE an excellent WALL the CHINA TIPS


I would certainly either perform the straightforward independent option to Badaling, or book a cheap tour to Mutianyu section. Following time, I’ll book the tour to Mutianyu v pick-ups from my hotel etc in Beijing. Cheap and also easy. (You can publication that below if you need help).

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Visiting the good Wall of China indigenous Beijing

Visiting the an excellent Wall of China from Beijing:

The first thing to know around visiting the great Wall the China is that there are plenty of different part of the wall surface you can visit, dotted all the way across north China. But if you’re want to visit the great Wall from Beijing, there are 4 main sections that the wall you deserve to visit. Every one of which are manageable to accessibility the good Wall of China from Beijing, one of two people via public move or via a day-trip (day trips from Beijing are around $30, friend can book them here).

Here space 4 main sections to pick from as soon as visiting the great Wall that China from Beijing – I’ll go into an ext details in all of them below:

Badaling: The most popular, and also easiest and also most preserved (but through the many tourists!)

Juyongguan: Super close come Badaling, slightly under tourists, slightly much less preserved

Mutianyu: The the very least tourists, but less preserved and more daunting to access

Jinshanling: Long hikes, not so preserved, no so countless tourists, furthest away

Great wall surface of China indigenous Beijing; My very first time, i travelled independently on a budget.

Badaling section;

75 km from Beijing, about 1.5 hrs drive.

When you’re in Beijing, and people are trying to offer you trips come visit the great Wall, 95% of the trips they market will it is in to the Badaling section. I often think fifty percent the fun and chaos in China is the actual take trip so it can be one adventure to try to acquire from Beijing to Badaling yourself. Yet if you’re driven for time, or favor to protect against the stress of working out buses etc, yourself, then you can publication a day tourism from Beijing to the Badaling ar online here for $35. If you publication a tour, you also get the bonus the visiting Ming tombs too.

Badaling itself is just one of the best-preserved sections of the wall. It’s only40CNY to get in ($6) but additionally has options for Cable Cars and Pulleys (140 and 100CNY/$20 and also $15). There space 4kms of wall surface for tourists to explore here and also it’s not super steep so it’s perfect for everyone.

Visiting the an excellent Wall that China indigenous Beijing, to BadalingBEIJING to BADALING BUS:

You deserve to take the general public bus right here for just $2/¥12 and it takes much less than 2 hours each way. Native Jishuitan subway terminal take departure A , Deshengmen arrow tower on her left. Bus 877 (or 879) leaves exactly behind the tower.

Go early in the morning, and also remember the last bus from Beijing to Badaling leaves at about 12:30, the last bus indigenous Badaling come Beijing at about 16:30. Be wary that fake bus guys!


The best method in my option. Take the 1.5-hour train indigenous Beijing Huangtudian station, a 150m go from leave G4 of Huoying terminal on the Beijing metro, (the times room all here) yet they start at 6.30 and run until 21.30 so no problems there.

Juyongguan section:

60km native Beijing, about 1.5hrs drive

People who choose Juyongguan ahead of Badaling execute so because that a pair of reasons. One, that course, is much fewer tourists, another is because they desire to hike! Juyongguan is a closed-loop therefore you have the right to spend a day hiking the totality thing earlier to front without backtracking. The rugged hills are exceptional here and there are more buildings too, however it’s a many steeper. No cable cars and so on here.

Just 15 kms from Badaling therefore it’s very accessible. Follow the courses above, then from Badaling bus station, take it bus 879 (or take a taxi it’s much less than $10!).

Visiting the an excellent Wall that China native Beijing, to Juyongguan


around 95 kilometres from Beijing, about 2 hrs’ drive

The second most renowned place when visiting the great Wall the China native Beijing. The an option between the 2 comes under to this – Badaling is slightly better preserved and much less complicated to acquire to. Mutianyu is trickier to obtain to, and also therefore has fewer tourists, but it’s still fine equipped here with tourist restaurants and a cable car. The finest option, in mine opinion, is to publication a cheap tour here with these guys, and go and hike here.

Beijing to Mutianyu BUS:

FromDongzhimen Bus Station, you can take bus line 916 Express come Huairou north Avenue (Huairou Beidajie) Station and also takes 1 hour (only get the express!). There, carry to bus heat h23, h24, h35, or h36 come Mutianyu Roundabout. Finally, walk about 500 yards (450 meters) come the ticket office the the scenic area. Others will certainly be doing the same.

Visiting the great Wall of China from Beijing, to Mutianyu


around 140 km from Beijing, around 2.5 hrs driveNote: Jinshanling an excellent Wall has been closed because that renovation since June 1, 2017. When to resume procedure is unknown. Visitors can go to various other sections as an alternative.

This is whereby they hold the an excellent Wall Marathon! It’s less developed, an ext rugged, steeper.

To obtain there by Subway

You might takesubway heat 13(Exit D) orsubway heat 15(Exit C) come Wangjing West Station. Then, take it the tourist bus (April 1 to November 15) come your location directly. The bus departs at 8:00 and also returns at 15:00. The bus fare is CNY 32. The pilgrimage takes about 2 hours.

Visiting the an excellent Wall of China native Beijing, to JinshanlingVisiting the great Wall from Beijing; That’s me in the white shirts on the wall!


Quick background on the great Wall that China

This significant feat the human building was built across the north territory of China in bespeak to defend the country from invaders. Throughout the wall are a collection of turrets wherein the army would stand on guard. So good is the wall surface that it deserve to be seen with the nude eye from outside of the earth’s atmosphere and it sees numerous tourists visit every year. The wall surface is in reality a series of wall surfaces which were constructed from the 7th Century BC onwards and throughout various dynasties. In ~ the most recent measurement, the wall stretches an incredible 6,259 kilometers. This wall is truly one of the marvels of the World and also no perform of this kind would be finish without the (andit’s the only building you have the right to see indigenous space, right? Wrong!).

DON’T GO throughout ANYCHINESE holiday – IT’S A NIGHTMARE!

The crowds room dictated by weekends, season (high season is may to August) however it’s the section of the wall surface that you select that yes, really determines the number of crowds

When to be the good Wall of China Built?

It wasn’t constructed in one stretch, but over 4 different dynasties (or more).

First an excellent wall– constructed by the Qin empire 221-207 BCSecond good Wall– built by the Han dynasty 205-127 BCThird good Wall– developed by the Jin empire 1200 ADFourth an excellent Wall– built by the Ming empire 1367-1644

How lengthy Is the good Wall that China?

It’s 8,800km or 5,500 miles! below you deserve to see how far it stretches throughout China:

Beijing come the good Wall of China; A Map that the every one of the great Wall of China

My experience with visiting the an excellent Wall the China native Beijing

I’ve been twice from Beijing to the good Wall that China, once via public transport to Badaling, and also once on a day expedition to Mutianyu (book it here, beginning at $10!). It lived as much as expectations because that me, both times, yet how lot you enjoy the endure will come down to one things – waking up early and also going before the crowds.

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If you travel to the great Wall that China indigenous Beijing individually via public move then you should aim to take it the first bus/train of the day so you’re literally among the an initial people in the park. If you’re lazy, hungover and go a little later – you’ll it is in in the midst of the crowds. It’s quiet breathtaking, but check out the pic listed below what it deserve to be like! Enjoy.

Beijing to Badaling great Wall; The crowds at top season in the middle of the afternoon in ~ the Badaling ar of the an excellent Wall!