So girlfriend have chose to do the trek indigenous Yellowstone national Park come Glacier nationwide Park, which as we said in the blog Ode to the roadway (Trip) is just one of the most popular summer traditions for both Montana residents and visitors come the endowment State.

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Now the just question is: what stops will you make on your adventure in between the Parks?

If you have a couple of days come drive in between the Parks, inspect out this ITINERARIES. If friend are looking for something much more along the lines of an chance to stretch her legs, while tho making great time native one Park to the other, we have compiled a perform of 8 that our favourite stops in Southwest Montana.

1. Sculpture in the Wild | Lincoln, MT

Nestled in the Blackfoot Valley, Sculpture in the Wild – a sculpture park v pieces produced by around the world renowned artists – is a hidden gem that Southwest Montana. The artists took incentive from the wealthy environmental and industrial tradition of the area, to create some of the many innovative land arts in the Northwest joined States. With 26 acres and also 14 permanent sculptures, this is a avoid you will certainly remember.

2. Virginia & Nevada Cities

Virginia City Tours

Montana was born top top the boom and bust, leaving ghost communities scattered across the state as little an ext than a storage of what once was. Virginia City to be the second territorial capital of Montana, Nevada City sat along among the many used stage coach paths in the west; both stand now as historic tourist destinations. Travel earlier in time with living history events, take it a tour of town on the historic fire truck, and get to understand the notorious residents who once inhabited the area.

3. Philipsburg

Philipsburg is just one of those charming tiny towns that truly illustration the real hospitality found throughout Montana. V adorable shops, tasty restaurants, a micro-brewery, and a classic candy shop, you room sure to find something to suit her fancy. Granite Ghost town State Park is simply up the road, Georgetown Lake is much less than a 5-minute journey from town, and also rockhounding opportunities surround the area.

4. Lewis & Clark Caverns

Lewis & Clark Caverns State Park is Montana’s first, and most well-known, State Park, featuring among the largest and also most decorated limestone caverns in the Northwest. The park includes 3,000 acres, and offers travellers a campground, guided tours, 10-miles of long walking trails, and also more! tours leave about every half hour beginning at 9:30 am.

5. Historical Uptown Butte

Butte was house to the Copper queens of the 20th Century and also was significantly influenced by the immigrants who pertained to strike it wealthy in the mines. Historical Uptown Butte is the largest National historical District in the Country. You will certainly find numerous shops, the mai Wah society (commemorating the Chinese immigrants, their contributions, and also heritage), The people Museum the Mining, the Mansion Districts, Micro-Breweries, Headframe Sprits, and also more!

6. Gateways of the Mountains

Gates that the Mountains

This passage was aptly called by Meriwether Lewis the the Corps the Discovery, once he created in his newspaper In plenty of places, the rocks seem come tumble upon us … i shall speak to this location the ‘gates the the mountains.’ The bulk of visitors enjoy the area aboard among two tour boats, the “Sacajawea” and the “Hilger Rose.” check out the tourism schedule because that this summer!

7. Large Hole nationwide Battlefield

Big Hole nationwide Battlefield was produced to honor every parties affiliated in the battle that took ar on respectable 9th and also 10th during the Nez Perce trip of 1877. The visitor facility which overlooks the battlefield uses visitors a video program and museum. After enjoy it the museum, wander follow me the self-guided trails that lead friend to assorted points of interest on the battlefield. The site offers extended hours in the summer, however is open up year-round.

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8. Grant-Kohrs National historical Site | Deer Lodge, MT

Wide open up spaces, the hardworking cowboy, his spirited cow pony, and huge herds of livestock are amongst the strongest signs of the American West. When the headquarters the a 10 million-acre cattle empire, Grant-Kohrs Ranch National historic Site preserves these symbols and also commemorates the role of cattlemen in American history.