Way ago in 1993, in the child stages that the internet, a “Carol of the Bells” parody tune entitled “Ding Fries are Done” began showing up on message boards and also in email chains. The song is indigenous the suggest of watch of a look at mentally disabled man named Billy, who works in ~ the fast-food chain, citizens King. There is in reality a full album that Christmas song featuring this Billy character, licensed has been granted “A very Spastic Christmas.” friend can discover the album hosted here at madmusic.com. If you end up digging a bit an ext yourself and also see the track attributed to Robert Lund, the is false. Lund contained the track on a 2008 album the offbeat Christmas tunes.

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I execute want to add a short disclaimer here prior to moving on. The album seems to solely exist to tastelessly make fun of people with under syndrome. We at Unruly Stowaway perform not condone that. Eleven year old me in 1993 found the “Ding Fries room Done” tune hilarious, yet then again ns was a dickhead 11-year-old boy in the ’90s.

So let’s get earlier to it. If girlfriend don’t understand the initial song i m sorry the parody is based on, you certainly will after ~ you offer a rapid listen. Here’s a nice freakin’ epic variation by Trans-Siberian Orchestra.

“Carol the the Bells” by Trans-Siberian Orchestra:

Pretty for sure to to speak you are up to rate now.

The “Ding Fries are Done” Parody:

Unless you’re a son who doesn’t know any type of better, this doesn’t really organize up come any modern-day sensibilities, right? Well, no according to Burger King. For plenty of years the burger giant ignored the parody, but in their recent commercial, for better or worse, they have given it a nod.

The December 2020 citizens King Commercial:

There are several variations the this playing on television, but the over was the one i was may be to find online. The commercial is no up in any kind on Burger queens official YouTube page. Telling, perhaps. Through the bulk of the advertising the heat “Ding fries space done” deserve to be faintly heard gift repeated. In ~ the end of the video clip the heat is sang loud and drawn out, together a punctuation to the spot.

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Family male did it:

In the 23rd illustration of the 4th season the the Fox display in one episode titled “Deep Throats” the family patriarch, Peter Griffin dram the Billy role, in an almost identical parody of the initial video.

What carry out You Think?

Should burgess King have incorporated the tune in that advertising?

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