Cowboy boots are regarded as being a devoted form of timeless riding boots, and also it wasn"t until the 1800"s till you check out the version of the cowboy boots girlfriend now understand today. You may think that cowboy boots as a fashion statement, but they had actually actual helpful value come the American cowboys that the Old Wild West.

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Traditional riding boots that the at an early stage 19th century had unique heels and tall tops the were later adapted to resist the harsh atmosphere of the American West. These boots were coined together cowboy boots, and its features are still prevalent in cowboy boots available today.


Many tales and legends case that the original cowboy boots was watched on the feet the Genghis Khan because historians have discovered evidence that he would wear properties red boots that contained a wooden heel.

In the early 1800"s, the an initial Duke the Wellington wore a distinctive boot the later ended up being known together the Wellington boots you watch in fashion today. Due to the fact that it had origins in Europe, the hefty migration of europeans in the 19th century that were coming to America do the Wellington boot a well-known riding boots design.

The basic design of the Wellington boot included only four sections and was generally made by hand. Because these boots were easy to build, they flourished in popularity during the civil War and were seen on the feet that a bulk of soldiers.

After the Civil battle had concerned an end, the cowboy era you"re familiar with emerged, which led to the evolution of the cowboy boot we see obtainable today.

Why are They therefore Popular?

After cowboy boots had been introduced to American soil, bootmakers committed their time to handmade boots the featured basic silhouettes, i beg your pardon made these boots affordable and practical because that ranch workers. These farm employees were later referred to as Cowboys, which is wherein the hatchet cowboy boot originated from.

Cowboy boots grew in popularity as soon as they came to be less expensive come produce, so as soon as the industrial era come around, that made manufacturing cowboy boots much more efficient and also less time-consuming. Countless bootmakers would construct machinery the would develop boots in ~ a issue of minutes.


The boot generally features an in its entirety height measuring around 12 inches v a obelisk that will certainly hit the mid-calf ar of her leg. In regards come design, the standard western boots will have no laces and also will save a toe crate that effectively protects your toes if a horse were to step on them.


Ropers are creative take top top the standard Western boots design and continue architecture similarities to English talk boots.

Rodeo cowboys have to perform calf roping occasions in which the cowboy needs to ride its equine behind a calf to rope it and also then continue to gain off the horse and run down the rope to effectively stop the calf native moving.


The entire calf roping procedure is performed smoothly if the cowboy to be wearing short-heeled cowboy boots, which is unique to roper boots. In fact, the purpose of ropers to be to do the jobs of rodeo cowboys easier by aiding castle to conveniently rope calves throughout shows and competitions.

Design Breakdown

Out of all the western boots, ropers hands under contain the lowest hoe height since it measures around one customs high. The heel details to ropers has actually earned the term "walking heel" because it"s no hassle to walk roughly with a heel this low.

The heel typically found ~ above ropers room squared off and rest perpendicular come the boot single to form a 90-degree angle. On optimal of having a hoe that is among the lowest amongst western boots, ropers additionally have a tower that rests slightly over your ankle.

In regards to its toes shape, a bulk of roper boots function a ring toe shape and also a flexible single that guarantees really comfortable fit. Save in mind that some roper boots function a lace-up architecture that disclosure a conforming fit and proper ankle support, which renders walking about with lock on straightforward endeavor.


Similar to the layout of the classic cowboy boot, the Stockman contains a hybrid boot architecture that"s ideal for individuals who won"t be getting in and out that a saddle whenever soon.

Design Breakdown

The short and vast heel details to Stockman boots measure less than the heel of standard western boots, so it"s perfect because that cowboys who won"t be spending a majority of time sit in their saddle. If you"re constantly on her feet for hours on end, the short yet vast heel provides sufficient support and balance, so girlfriend don"t feel any pain.

Stockman boot’s scallops have actually a noticeably deeper dive than any type of other cowboy boots. Because that those who don’t recognize what a scallop means, the is the top of the boot in i beg your pardon the obelisk ends.

Also, the broad toe box and rubber sole certain to Stockman boots share similarities in regards to duty with the cowboy work-related boot.

When you"re talking about style, Stockman boots attribute detailed and colorful stitching the mimics the look of the classic Western boot. Ultimately, the basic difference between Stockman boots and also other cowboy boots is its depths scallop.

Western Work

Since Western occupational boots are mostly used for helpful purposes, it’ll expense less when contrasted to other cowboy boots. The short price is as result of the cheap cowhide leather used as well as the tiny amount that artistry used to the overall architecture of this cowboy boot.

Design Breakdown

Western work-related boots predominately attribute roper-style heels the measure 1¾ customs or less, which method that they"re right for walking than riding boots that feature heels measure 2 inches.

The material of the soles vary, but an ext than fifty percent the time they"re made v tread and traction rubber. Part Western work-related boots may have midsoles that are cushioned for efficient shock absorption.

Western work boots come v shafts that largely rest on the mid-calf part of your leg, but some models may incorporate shafts the rest reduced on her leg. In general, the shaft on a Western job-related boot will measure around 9 inches come 12 customs in height.

In regards come toe shape, Western work boots have actually toe boxes that room either rounded or contempt tapered, which administer a comfortable right that provides walking roughly a pain-free experience.


The Buckaroo cowboy boot comes with the most flair in regards to style when contrasted to all the other cowboy boots. If you want to attract everyone’s fist to your feet, Buckaroo cowboy boots have to be her go-to model.

Evidently, the Buckaroo boot style is perfect because that rodeo shows and also entertainment purposes.

Design Breakdown

Buckaroo’s main distinctive function would it is in its elongated pillar that measures more than 14 customs in height. Part shafts space so high the they will certainly reach your knees, i beg your pardon ensures her legs are safeguarded during a rodeo show.

The shafts likewise contain intricate and also detailed stitches that are not frequently seen on various other cowboy boot models. These boots come through high heels that measure much more than 2 inch in height, which provides them ineffective because that walking approximately but great for riding.

Buckaroos are comparable in format to Stockmans since they both incorporate deep scallops, however that is wherein the similarity end.

Differences between Women’s and also Men’s Cowboy Boots

Nowadays both men and women love to wear cowboy boots, therefore boots unique to each sex are produced to carry out the finest fit possible.

Heel & toes Shape

Most cowboy boot manufacturers create models that vary in hoe height and toe form that can be either worn by both genders or by just women. One brand functions a fashion hoe that steps 2 customs in height that is only available for women, while much shorter heels are easily accessible for both males and also females.

Most brands offer much more toe shape variety for ladies than men, so females have much more toe shape choices to pick from the guarantees terrific fit.

Size Differences

A far-ranging difference between women"s and men"s cowboy boots would certainly be the sizing charts. Females cowboy boots have actually smaller size widths 보다 the widths on men"s boots models.

Manufacturers frequently have dimension charts specific to females sizes and also men sizes that cover everything from foot size conversion come calf measurements.

What to Wear through Cowboy Boots?


In regards to color and fit, you’ll desire to undertake dark and close-fitted jeans rather than irradiate blue occupational jeans. The boot-cut layout provides the crucial room for her cowboy boots to go underneath.

Unless you"re performing ar work top top horseback, you"ll desire to stop tucking your jeans into your cowboy boots. Signature west denim brands the you should think about should encompass Wrangler or Cinch due to the fact that they sell a multitude of format options.

Keep in mind that fit is more important than style, therefore the fit you desire to go for shouldn’t be skin tight or too loosened and must be long enough to cover her boots. Due to the fact that you must accommodate for your cowboy boots, the jeans inseam size should measure two inches more than your conventional size.

Collared Shirts

For those who desire their felt hat to last long and maintain the appearance, a hare or beaver blend will prove to be a an ext worthy investment 보다 a wool felt hat. Save in mind that felt hats will keep heat, which makes them unpractical for the summer.

A kind looking straw hat will certainly go a long way if you don"t desire to spend a lot of money and expect to exploit it throughout the summertime. Straw hats come v high breathability, so they tend to continue to be cool on her head nevertheless of the external temperature.

When choosing a hat shape, you"ll realize exactly how you have infinite options to made decision from. Very sewing there room standard shapes to refer to that are fantastic starting allude to the cowboy cap industry.

Hat forms to Consider

CattlemanBrick​GamblerPinched FrontDerby

For those that don"t live in Texas, friend shouldn"t limit her boot choices due to the fact that you don"t must be a cowboy to appreciate and wear western cowboy boots. Everyone from gibbs to presidents has actually worn cowboy boots, so friend can quickly wear a pair together well.

You"ll obtain the most use out of your cowboy boots if you to visit a rodeo or take up western dancing lessons, however you can even pull turn off cowboy boots in few of America"s fashion-forward urban that extend past the South.

Common difficulties With Cowboy Boots

Some points to consider prior to buying boots:


Unfortunately, every cowboy boot manufacturer utilizes unique foot-shaped molds the are frequently kept an enig from the general public, so you can’t intend to uncover a conventional boot size. This way a boot size from a certain brand will certainly fit simply right when the very same size from one more brand will run as well small.

If you buying cowboy pair of shoes online, you have to refer to the manufacturer"s dimension chart, width measurements and calf dimensions to ensure the best possible boot fit. You can also go to a retail store to shot on number of pairs the cowboy boots, and use that together a overview to bespeak online.

Size Tips

Pay close attention regarding which boots brands develop the toe shapes, heels, and also soles the feel comfortable.Try castle on in the afternoon, because you feet room at their largest size then.​The socks you usage to try on the boots have to be similar to the ones friend would typically wear with the cowboy boots.Expect a snug fit, yet not too tight due to the fact that the boots will only stretch a small amount after far-reaching use.It’s typical for her heel to contempt lift a fifty percent inch off her boot’s insole when you walk.

Narrow Toes

Recent cowboy boot style innovations feature very narrow toes section, i m sorry is a advancement that wasn"t common amongst some that the very first cowboy boots. Unfortunately, this stylistic readjust is no of helpful use and is miscellaneous to store in mind if girlfriend have broad feet.

For those with vast feet, you’ll want to search for boots the taper near your toes and don’t small off to type a sharp v-shape. While you walk, a chop toe section will reason the cowboy boots to chafe and also will put extr pressure on your bones that will reason immense aching.

Break In Time

To appropriately break in a pair the cowboy boots, you an initial need come ensure that heel feels a bit loosened because together the side starts to rest in, the heel responds by sliding further back to fill the loose section.

Buyers typically make the mistake of purchase cowboy boots that space too tight about the hoe area, so throughout the break in process, the heel will certainly pinch and also cause blisters and aches to emerge.

Out of every the components of a cowboy boot, its shafts and sides take the longest to break in.

Break In Methods

Several approaches can quicken the typical break in time required for cowboy boots, yet people frequently take the lengthy route and walk about wearing your cowboy boots till they conform to your feet. Store in mind the the leather offered to do cowboy boots won"t large much, for this reason they shouldn"t ache the moment you shot them on.

Another method people usage to rest in your cowboy boots is through heating the boots up. You’ll have to expose your cowboy boots to hot steam, and they’ll be ready for her feet once the boots feel flexible yet soft to the touch.

The functional nature the the boots pressures the leather to conform to her feet in ~ a faster pace, which together a an outcome speeds up the all at once break in process. You have to keep the cowboy boots on her feet till the animal leather cools come room temperature.

Maintenance and Cleaning

Some tips to store your cowboy boots shining:

Leather Conditioning

If you overlook conditioning her cowboy boots, both dust and also dirt will seep right into the leather and continue come dry out the yarn that room responsible for your cowboy boot’s resilient quality.

After cleaning and also drying your cowboy boots, the next step would certainly be to use conditioner since only then can the conditioner effectively pierce with the boot"s pores, so the animal leather maintains its soft and also flexible nature.

You don’t want the shade on your boots come fade end time, therefore it’s recommended to use leather certain conditioners that are lanolin-based due to the fact that it can prevent her boots from changing colors.

There are also oil based conditioners that come in handy because that those who have actually dark cowboy boots since each time you apply this conditioner; the will additional darken your boot.

All you have to do is to water a dollop the conditioner ~ above a soft cloth and also continue to massage it into the boot. Extremely dry boots frequently absorb the conditioner at quick rates, for this reason you may need come apply more than one coat.

Keep in mind the you desire to avoid using one thick coat the conditioner and also should apply two thin coats because that a deep cleaning.


Specifically for leather cowboy boots, you’ll should use one of two people a soft brush or a damp cloth to clean off excess dirt and dust buildup that will damage your boots otherwise.

For those who have mud caked almost everywhere their boots and the damp cloth isn’t act the trick, girlfriend should consider using a toothbrush since it is an effective means to eliminate the hard to remove dirt piled around the welt and also the sole of your cowboy boots.

If the toothbrush isn’t solid enough, shoe cleaner is her next best hope.


Polishing your cowboy boots no a necessary component of the cleaning process, however it will convert a pair of old boots come looking new and shiny, which comes in handy if you’re going come a formal event that needs you come wear her cowboy boots.

You can also remove deep scratches and scuffs when you apply leather shoes polish the matches the boots texture and also color. Make certain to use the polish in thin layers and also don"t forget to buff in in between each layer until your boots exhibit the complete you want.


Hopefully, friend now have a thorough knowledge of cowboy boots, so you deserve to expertly buy yourself a pair without having actually to worry around it fitting your feet.

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For those who want a bit much more guidance, girlfriend should inspect out our buying guide because it’ll contain detailed reviews of skilled recommended cowboy boots.