Determining the sex of her bearded dragon is very exciting. In this post, you will learn just how to tell the gender of a mustache dragon, view tips and pictures come differentiate in between male and also female bearded dragons.

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At what age can you tell the sex of a bearded dragon?

You have the right to start informing a bearded dragon’s sex/gender once it turns at the very least 4-5 months old, or much more accurately after it transforms 6-8 months old and also over. It’s very hard and also even impossible to tell the sex of a an extremely young mustache dragon under 4 months old because there space still no sexual characteristics.

What are main sex indicators and also differences in bearded dragons?

Femoral and also preanal poresHemipenal bulgesHead and beard sizeTail thickness in ~ the baseCloacal opening (vent) sizeFemoral and also preanal pores – surefire method to phone call the sex the a mustache dragon
Notice femoral pores in a male and also a square shaped uterus in a female and also no pores at all

Male bearded dragon have large and express femoral pores the run throughout the underside of their earlier legs. This pores become much much more visible as soon as a male becomes sexually mature, after ~ reaching approximately 6-10 month old.

Before that, this pores will certainly look like small dots. Also, in adult males, these preanal pores will secrete a substance v pheromones the they use as soon as breeding and marking their territory.

In sexually mature females, preanal pores are very small dots and not prominent. And also in younger females, this dots will be barely visible at all. However, friend will have the ability to see a square shaped uterus just above the cloaca (vent).

Hemipenal bulges – surefire method to tell the sex that a bearded dragon
Note vertical hemipenes and pores in a male, and no pores and also a square shame uterus in a female.

Male moustache dragons have actually hemipenes – one on every side of the tail base. Hemipenes are testes that are positioned behind the cloaca, top top the base of the tail through a little dip between. In sexually mature males of end 6 months old, you have the right to see 2 vertical bumps on each side that the tail and also a dip in between them. These are hemipenes.

A young mustache dragon starting to build pores and hemipenes

Females, however, don’t have any kind of hemipenes, for this reason the base of the tail will certainly be completely flat. Please keep in mind that in younger males the tail basic will likewise be flat due to the fact that hemipenes room not developed yet. But as pointed out previously, girlfriend will have the ability to see a square shame uterus above the vent in ~ the base of the tail.

To see hemipenal bulges (if any), please ar your mustache dragon top top a table and gently elevator its tail up in ~ an virtually 90 level angle.

Another way to check out hemipenes or their lack is to lift the tail up and also use a flashlight to shine with the tail base. If her dragon is a male, you will certainly see two vertical bulges ~ above both sides of the tail. However, in females, there will be no bulges and also you will only see a flat bulge.

Note the U shaped hemipenes in a male, and a square shaped uterus in a female
Cloacal opening (vent) size

Vent size is another technique for sexing moustache dragons. Cloacal opening dimension is larger in males since it accommodates 2 hemipenes in ~ the basic of the tail. Vent opened in females is lot narrower.

Once again, this will be clearly shows in mature moustache dragons and also is one additional method to sex your dragon.

You have the right to look at her dragon’s vent dimension by placing your dragon on a table and lifting the tail up gently. Also, you can also gently pull the vent flap to open up up the cloaca. This will give you a much better view.

Thickness that a tail base

Thickness at a tail basic will indicate if her bearded dragon has hemipenes and is a male. In male bearded dragons, the tail at the base will certainly be thicker 보다 in males.

In females, tail is not as thick at the base together in males. Use this characteristics to determine the gender of mustache dragons end 6 months old only. This is due to the fact that a young male’s tail base would not be thick till it starts reaching puberty.

Use tail base thickness, vent size and also hemipenal bulge qualities together as soon as looking at her dragon’s underside in ~ a 90-degree angle.

Head and also beard size

In sexually mature masculine bearded dragons, head is wider and more solid 보다 in females. While in females, your head is narrower and also pointed fairly than vast and solid.

What is more, beard size can tell something about the gender. Masculine bearded dragons have actually larger bodies and also beards. However, don’t judge her bearded dragon’s gender by looking in ~ its beard just – part females have huge beards than males.

Factors that room not reliable once determining a moustache dragon’s genderBody dimension – periodically females have the right to be bigger, depending on living conditions, their past and many various other factors. Development rates in moustache dragons differ dramatically.Beard color – both males and also female have the right to make their beard blackDigging – while females dig prior to laying eggs, both males and also females often tend to destruction for miscellaneous reasons.Summary:

Please wait for her bearded dragon to revolve at least 5 months old to determine its gender an ext accurately. If girlfriend buy a baby bearded dragon under 3 months and also the seller speak you that is gender, he/she is most likely lying. Or, it might be a guess.

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The many accurate methods to tell your bearded dragon’s sex are femoral and also preanal pores and hemipenal bulges. Lay her bearded dragon top top a table and also lift its tail up gently to examine. Girlfriend can additionally use a flashlight technique successfully if your bearded dragon doesn’t gain scared.

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