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Glycerol and also Fatty Acids

A fat molecule is composed of two key components: glycerol and fatty acids. Glycerol is one alcohol with 3 carbons, five hydrogens, and also three hydroxyl (OH) groups. Fat acids have a lengthy chain that hydrocarbons v a carboxyl team attached and also may have 4-36 carbons; however, most of them have 12-18. In a fat molecule, the fat acids are attached to every of the 3 carbons the the glycerol molecule through an ester bond with the oxygen atom. During the ester bond formation, 3 molecules are released. Because fats consists of three fatty acids and also a glycerol, they are additionally called triacylglycerols or triglycerides.

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Unsaturated fats or oils room usually of tree origin and contain cis unsaturated fat acids. Cis and trans suggest the construction of the molecule about the dual bond. If hydrogens are present in the exact same plane, the is described as a cis fat; if the hydrogen atoms room on two different planes, it is referred to as a infectious diseases world fashion fat. The cis twin bond causes a bending or a “kink” that stays clear of the fat acids from pack tightly, keeping them liquid at room temperature.