true. Countless non-denominational churches don't also have a declare of faith or a collection of doctrinal stances lock take/don't take.

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Mine does or quite the Church I have moved away from. I relocated to another state, but love my church. I think the greatest statement making us non denominational is the absence of focus on teach differences. However, after mine move, i am now in an evangelical church the proclaims in most part to it is in non denominational also. What us BelieveCalvary Chapel has been developed as a fellowship of believers in the Lordship that Jesus Christ. Our supreme desire is to recognize Christ and be conformed come His photo by the power of the divine Spirit. We think the only true basis of Christian fellowship is Christ's agape love, i m sorry is better than any kind of of ours differences, and also without which we have actually no appropriate to be called Christians.We believe that worship of God should be...spiritual. Therefore, we stay flexible and yielding come the top of the holy Spirit to direct our worship.inspirational. Thus, we use music in worship.intelligent. Therefore, our services are draft with an excellent emphasis ~ above the to teach of the word of God. We do not enable interruptions throughout the to teach of words (e.g. Loud speaking in tongues or prophecy), together we execute not think that the divine Spirit would interrupt self - nor must anyone else.fruitful. Thus, we look because that His love in our lives as the greatest sign that we have actually been truly worshiping Him.
We think that...
the Scriptures (both Testaments) are the inspired, inerrant word of God.God is eternally existent in three persons: Father, Son and also Holy Spirit, and that the is the personal, transcendent, and sovereign Creator of all things. Jesus Christ is completely God and totally human, that He was born of a virgin, live a sinless life, noted the only means for the atonement of our sins by His vicarious death on the cross, to be bodily resurrected by the power of the holy Spirit, ascended back to the best hand the God the Father, and ever stays to do intercession for united state after Jesus ascended to heaven, He poured out His holy Spirit on the believers in Jerusalem, enabling them to satisfy His command come preach the gospel come the entire world, an obligation shared by all believers today.all world are by nature separated native God and responsible for their own sin, however that salvation, redemption, and also forgiveness are freely available to every by the elegant of our mr Jesus Christ. As soon as a human being repents the sin and also accepts Jesus Christ together their Savior and also Lord, trusting that to save them, they are automatically born again and also sealed by the holy Spirit, all your sins space forgiven, and that human becomes a boy of God, destined to invest eternity through the Lord.the presents of the divine Spirit mentioned in the bibles are valid because that today so long as they are exercised according come Scriptural guidelines.we room to covet the finest gifts, seek to exercise them in one orderly fashion and in love, the the whole body the Christ can be is an ext important 보다 the most spectacular of gifts, and also without love all practice of spiritual presents is government should be simplistic fairly than a complicated bureaucracy; we rely on the divine Spirit come lead, quite than ~ above fleshly promotion.We await the pre-tribulation rapture of the church, and we believe that the 2nd coming of Christ v His saints to dominance on the planet will it is in personal, pre-millennial, and visible. We are urged by the over to divine living, heartfelt worship, committed service, diligent research of God's Word, constant fellowship, authorized in baptism by immersion, and also Holy Communion.
We reject:
The belief that true Christians can be demon possessed."5-point Calvinism"- a hyper-Calvinistic see that pipeline no room for free will; specifics we disapprove the id that Jesus' atonement was restricted (we believe He passed away for every people), and also we refuse the assertion the God's wooing elegant cannot be stood up to or the He has elected some people to walk to hell (we believe that anyone who wills to pertained to Christ might do so)."Positive confession"- the confidence movement id that God can be directed to heal or work-related miracles according to man's will.Human prophecy that supersedes the Scripture.

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The incorporation of humanistic and secular psychology and also philosophy right into Biblical teaching and counseling.