If you’ve ever looked in ~ portraits that the establishing fathers,like George Washington and Alexander Hamilton, you can think they were all a bunch ofold guys with their fluffy white hair. But the establishing fathers were only intheir 30s and 40s, so what was up through that hairy situation? Turnsout, it was half fashion, half hygiene.

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Around the moment of louis XIII, syphilis was raging through Europe. Among the sideeffects that the STD to be head sores and baldness. Waxy powdered wigs, called perukes, were used by the infected aristocrats come cover up their imperfections, but quickly came to be a fashion trend. As constantly is the case, those with money whocould bought their own perukes followed suit and soon anyone was attract them.
Most wigs were made of equine orgoat hair and also smelled so bad that they to be powdered for a satisfaction lavender ororange scent. Sure, the cutting wigs were practical in regards to hiding imperfections, butmen likewise shaved their heads for this reason the perukes would fit properly. This hadthe unintended benefit of regulating lice together the infested perukes couldbe removed and boiled and also then restyled, killing the lice. This stylereigned till the late 18th century when natural hair came back intoplay.

General George Washington was famous for sporting his ownhair. Yes, the white puffball on the $1 bill was George’s own mane. Yet if that wasn"t a wig, why to be it for this reason white? Washington, like an ext than a few of thefounding fathers, was actually a organic redhead and instead of including powderand pomatum to a wig,he used it to his own hair.

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While the battle raged on, the powder and pomatum preserved Washington"s hair slicked earlier in his token low ponytail.He usually curled the sides and even urged men in his army to monitor his lead. Soon, human being like Colonel AlexanderHamilton (you may have actually heard the him) adopted the look. Post-war, theymaintained the style, part going come the barber shop every day because that a full comb-through that the old pomatum and powder and then a recoat and also style. Slick, coat,comb and also repeat.

John Adams and Thomas Jefferson both sported wigs beforehand on, but based upon portraits from your presidencies, castle both wore powdered herbal hair and eventually "naked" hair later in their careers. Powdered hair phased out around the 1800s, yet shampoo together we recognize it to be not introduced until the 1930s. For this reason it"s safe to to speak the 1800s were a bit...fragrant.

So, to break-up hairs, the starting fathers may have actually worn wigs early on on, but the early presidents that the United states did not. And everyone basically had syphilis and lice in 17th century Europe. All of sudden "Outlander" feels a tiny less sexy.