The story behind the Hollywood actor's show-stopping illustration in the classic Fatboy Slim video.

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Music video director Spike Jonze has a exceptional portfolio. The film-maker - whose actual name is Adam Spiegel - has actually been behind the camera because that such classic clips together Bjork's It's five So Quiet, Weezer's Buddy Holly and Beastie Boys' Sabotage.

But it was his video for Fatboy Slim's Weapon of Choice in 2001 that gained a substantial amount of attention. Was the REALLY enigmatic actor Christopher take walk dancing with a hotel lobby? and also did they in reality fly him across the ceiling top top a wire? surely not?

Christopher walken in Fatboy Slim's Weapon Of selection video. Picture: YouTube

Walken had gained a call as one of Hollywood's many intense actors, many thanks to roles in True Romance, Pulp Fiction and The Deer Hunter. But Spike Jonze knew something we didn't - Walken had actually trained together a dancer at the Washington run Studio and for a time, it seemed that he'd forge a career in the side of show business. Instead, he found success together an actor.

But the dancing never went away, and in 1981, walken starred in a movie version of the music drama Pennies from Heaven and would make continual appearances ~ above TV's Saturday Night Live that available him a possibility to strut his stuff... I beg your pardon is whereby Spike Jonze saw him.

Jonze had actually made a previous video clip for Fatboy Slim, the well known Praise You, i beg your pardon featured the made-up "Torrance keolistravelservices.commmunity run Group" throw some forms while a concealed camera looked on.

"I wanted to carry out dancing again, yet I didn't want to execute lo fi amateur dancing, I want to perform a genuine production," Jonze told The Nine club in 2018. "I composed up this treatment, the was really simple. As soon as my dad would keolistravelservices.comme to town, he'd remain at among those many hotels by the airport, those Marriotts. So I just imagined mine dad at all these hotels, travelling about the keolistravelservices.comuntry, the mundane, repetitive, numbing high quality of that. The idea was choose the fantasy that sort of keolistravelservices.commes the end of that."

Norman keolistravelservices.comok recalled how obtaining Walken for the Weapon Of selection video came about: "He claimed to Spike, 'I would certainly love to gain my dance on film while I'm quiet young sufficient to perform it'. So Spike walk outside and also phoned me and also said 'Mr. Walk tap-dancing in the video' and I was prefer 'Yes'."

For Christopher take walk it to be a dream keolistravelservices.comme true. He later admitted: "I expect musicals have constantly been mine favourite thing — I'm talking around movie musicals. If someone asks me if I want to go view a show, my choice is nearly always musicals. I think if I remained in the movie at an previously time, I might have remained in a most musical movies."

The video was shot in ~ the Marriott Hotel in downtown Los Angeles just prior to Christmas 2000. Norman keolistravelservices.comok was as result of make a cameo in the clip, however his wife Zoe ball was just about to offer birth come their kid Woody, for this reason he stayed at house in the UK.

The musician to be delighted with the result. That told greater Frequency: "I think it's full of irony, and to watch an gibbs that i really admire yet who's famous for play psychopaths, to see him do that stunner un-psychopathic dancing do me smile and made anyone else smile."

For Christopher Walken, making the video was a breeze. "It's a an extremely catchy tune," he said of Weapon the Choice. "It's great for tap due to the fact that it has actually a deliberate nearly drum-like beat. They to speak tap dancers are like drummers."

Christopher walken in Fatboy Slim's Weapon Of choice video. Picture: YouTube

The finished video for Weapon Of an option went on come win six gongs at the 2001 MTV Music video Awards and likewise the 2002 Grammy compensation for best Music Video. It's likewise notched up end 54 million YouTube views.

Now, in 2021, the original footage has actually been given a reconstruction in 4k High Definition, allowing fans to gain Walken's moves all over again.

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Oliver Maingay that Vanderquest masterminded the review of the video: “When we an initial started discussing the opportunity of a 4K work again, please again of Weapon the Choice, after the initial sirloin of excitement, thoughts moved on to the useful side and also the big question the 'Just exactly how much was done in post-production vs actually being shot at the time?'."

Once the original 35mm film was scanned in, the restorers were able to eliminate some that the more obvious glimpses the wires holding up Walken, add to the giant rig used to fly the actor approximately the empty hotel. They also superimposed a portrait the Fatboy Slim on come a blank wall.