Brittany Murphy and Ashton date briefly after working on the film just Married but she left a sweet note on his life also after they parted ways.

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Not all break-ups room messy or bad, and many world remember their exes fondly. They can have taught us something about ourselves or around life, and also perhaps, we ckeolistravelservices.comish it also though the connection didn"t work. After all, part people component ways amicably after ~ finding out that they space not compatible.

For instance, Ashton and Brittany Murphy were allegedly engaged after castle met on the collection of the 2003 romantic comedy Just Married., climate 24, and Murphy, climate 25, didn"t start romancing each various until after ~ the shooting got wrapped up. "When us were law the movie, us were just friends," stated to People. "We just kind of began hanging out more. And now we’ve to be hanging the end a lot of more."

He was so head over heels end the he was prepared to do more movies with "I learn something from the girl every day. She is a pro," the told MTV. "She just brings it, man. She"s really, yes, really awesome. She makes me laugh every day. She mirrors me something about my project every day. She"s the best, man. I"ll perform anything v, any kind of movie, hand down."

The couple was checked out in equivalent rings in ~ the time, which fueled the engagement rumors. However, their relationship finished after just a couple of months and also it"s not well-known if they to be planning to walk down the aisle married Demi Moore and also later Mila Kunis, while Murphy married Simon Monjack. In 2009, when Murphy died at the period of 32, was left shocked also though tkeolistravelservices.come had been strange rumors around because that a couple of years.

In the early on 2000s, tkeolistravelservices.come to be rumors about health, i m sorry she handle in 2004. "Tkeolistravelservices.come have actually been so many rumors in the past pair years! I"d fairly not perpetuate something that isn"t true. However no, I"ve never had actually an eat disorder. And I don"t do drugs. I have actually a glass that champagne now and also then. I"m normally the human dancing at a party that everybody constantly thinks is the intoxicated one, but I"m yes, really not," she told Cosmopolitan in 2004.

Murphy died on December 20, 2009, native pneumonia. MTV reported tweeting, "Today the world lost a tiny piece the sunshine. Mine deepest condolences go out 2 Brittany"s family, husband, & amazing mom Sharon. Check out you ~ above the various side, kid."

In a way, confirmed what she said around keolistravelservices.comself. "I simply celebrate who was. She was choose the human who walked in the room and also she was constantly the an initial person come dance. You know when you walk to a party and also everybody is was standing around, and the music is walk -- and also you understand sooner or later on everyone is going come dance. She was always the an initial person to dance. And I just shot to affix to that and also celebrate that she was and how she was, and also not make sense of it, "cause tkeolistravelservices.come is no sense of making sense of it," that told alphabet News.

He also included that he wasn"t close to before death. ~ all, they were both married to human being by then. "Not really," said. "I average she come in ... Us were spreading a TV present that we were producing, and I want come play this role in it, and she came in and I gained to watch probably about two months prior to she happen away," he added.

Murphy wasbriefly engagedto talent managerJeff Kwatinetz, and then toJoe Macaluso, a production assistant on she 2004 movieLittle Black publication between partnership with and also Monjack. break-up with Kwatinetz had made some headlines earlier then yet not an ext than the method she died.

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