The memories of an American-Mexican singer, SelenaQuintanilla, room still together vivid in our minds as they to be 25 year ago.

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The lively and also talented American soul, SelenaQuintanilla-Perez was working on her English album, Dreaming the You, ~ the successful launch of her fourSpanish-language albums across Latin America and Mexico.

It was an alleged to be the start of a brand-new chapter in hercareer, but before she could complete her record, the lady was killed by her pan club"s president and also manager of she boutiques, Yolanda Saldivar, inher hotel room in ~ the job Inn in body Christi, Texas.

Selena Quintanilla"s Murder

She was only 23 year old.

Selena may have left this world, but her tradition continueseven after 25 year of her passing. The young singer was not only known for hersongs, but all for her sense of style and fashion. From Selena-inspiredclothing and also makeup come tribute albums, wax statues and figures, people havebeen remembering the young artist with miscellaneous art forms.

The upcomingNetflix’s Selena: The series is the latest addition to the lengthy list of tributes.

Here us look ago at Selena’s tragic death and how her closeacquaintance turned into a woeful enemy and took her life:

30 daysbefore she death; Selena was at the top of her career

A 23-year-old American singer was right on monitor to end up being a effective singer in the music industry. In fact, top top 26th February 1995, shehad carry out to over 60,000 attendees in ~ the Houston Astrodome, her biggestever crowd of the Houston Livestock and Rodeo the year.

She additionally attended the Grammys in ~ Los Angeles on march 1, andwas nominated for the classification of ‘Best Mexican-American Performance’ because that herAmor Prohibido album.

Selena didn’t victory this time but she had actually been a Grammy winnerfor the ideal Mexican-American Album because that SelenaLive! In 1994. She was working on an English-medium album in an attempt tobegin her brand-new chapter as a amazing star-like Gloria Estefan.

It has actually been reported that she was planning to have kids withhusband Perez, as the couple was reportedly structure a home using around10 acre land item in Texas, corpus Christi.

20 daysprior she death, she had a fight v Yolanda Saldivar

Selena, in 1994, started a new fashion venture called “SelenaEtc.,” with stores in mountain Francisco and also Christi. The stores offered a varietyof fashion products, including original clothes, jewelry and other salonservices. Yet unfortunately, the stores to be encountering several financialissues however she didn’t shed hope and also opened a clothing factory in Monterrey,Mexico.

Helping Selena in regulating the stores’ operations and also motivatingher because that the expansion of her factory was her “friend” and also colleague, Yolanda Saldivar, wholater ended up being her killer!

Saldivar to be the president of Selena’s pan club and also used tosupervise she publicist activities. She earned the to trust of Selena and her familyand, as a result, she was offered a obligation to manage the stores" operations.

On in march 1995, Selena’s father began receiving reports ofSaldivar’s mismanagement, with fan society members complaining around not getting the items they’d payment for. So, Selena and also her father faced her and askedfor an explanation, yet she couldn’t justify she wrongdoings.

One job at her store, Selena was apparently seen fightingwith Saldivar over she questionable behavior. There to be reports and also accountsof various other employees claiming that Saldivar had been thefts money from the keep of san Antonio.

10 daysprior to her death, Selena uncovered that Saldivar was carrying a gun

Although she had rough encounters through Saldivar, Selenadidn’t entirely cut off she affairs through her. Saldivar still had full accessibility toSelena’s financial accounts.

After discovering that few of her vital financial detailsare missing, she confronted Saldivar again and also asked she to return them.

According to Selena’s memoir written by her husband Perez,Selena met Saldivar about March 15 to take it her missing documents back. Duringa rough skirmish between the two, Saldivar agreed to give some of her documents butnot everything. At that point, Saldivar told her that she is transferring a total that"s in she purse.

That revolver was actually Selena’s store’s property, boughtby Saldivar herself. The 0.38-caliber weapon was supposed to be in the storeinstead that Saldivar’s purse. Selena insisted she to return the weapon come thestore, and also she did.

5 daysearlier Selena"sdeath, Selena travelled to Tennessee and worked on she ongoingEnglish-medium album.

Despite all the worries with Saldivar, Elena was fullydedicated to she crossover album. Just a mainly prior she was killed, Selenatravelled come Tennessee because that recording more songs for her album. She worked alongside the producer and songwriter Keith cutting board on “I could Fall in Love.”

A nightbefore she death, the lady encountered Saldivar again…

On Thursday night, 30th march 1995, Saldivarcalled Selena to fulfill her alone, claiming that she was carrying all the documents and wanted to offer it to her. Selena’s husband Perez accompanied she tosee Saldivar in corpus Christi, at the job Inn, (the very same hotel where the couplewas staying).


In that meeting, Saldivar didn’t offer her all the documentsthat she needed. However, the meeting ended with no violence, v Selenareturning residence to invest time v her husband. The couple also saw herfather-in-law top top the very same night.

That night, Saldivar was delivering a gun, i beg your pardon shepurchased again top top 26th March.

On Her death Day, Selena saw Saldivar again at the hospital

On the ill-fated day of march 31st, 1995, Selenareceived a distress call from Saldivar, claiming that she had actually been raped duringher stay in Monterrey, Mexico.

She claimed that she to be bleeding a lot after ~ the allegedassault, therefore Selena had to take she to the hospital because that examination.

The hospital refused to execute an check on Saldivar, asshe was no a corpus Christi"s resident and likewise not in the jurisdiction wherethe attack happened. The two returned to the hotel with each other where Selena wasstaying, hoping the she would return she stolen documents. She was inSaldivar’s room, as soon as she was shot. She to be bleeding heavily and also ran towardsthe hotel lobby; among the motel employee testified Selena fatality scene in the court stating thatSelena named Saldivar as her killer prior to she collapsed.

Selena was required to the hospital, where she was pronounceddead at 1:05 p.m.

Saldivarclaimed the it to be an accident!

During an hour-long session with the police, Saldivarclaimed that the shooting was simply an accident and she did not intend to killthe artist. In October, Yolanda was convicted that murder. She was then sentenced to invest her life inprison through being eligible for parole in 2025.

Even ~ 25 years of she death, Selena remains an iconicfigure in the music industry. The English album she was functioning on prior to herdeath, “Dreaming the You”, releasedafter death and also ranked no.1 on the U.S Billboard 200 chart.

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Netflix’s upcoming series Selena: The collection is slated to release on December 4th;the biological drama will certainly follow the artist’s trip to stardom and also to she untimely death and some facts to know.