This list of 0 smart Points ~ above the walk Snacks is perfect because that anyone complying with the load Watchers Freestyle plan.

When you are out and around and need a snack, pick one of these cost-free Weight Watcher foods to continue to be on track quite than snacking top top high sugar, high fat foods.

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Anyone who follows the load Watchers routine knows the it is a an easy plan to monitor which helps with a wise & healthy weight loss.


The Smart point plan nudges friend towards selecting fruits, vegetable & lean proteins over processed foods which deserve to be full of saturated fat and also sugar.

On the the things that I uncovered most challenging when I very first started on my load Watchers journey was detect WW friendly foods items that I can eat top top the go.

I was supplied to choose up a sandwich and packet that crisps for lunch or popping into a shop because that a snack mid afternoon if I discovered myself hungry.

Picking increase a store lugged sandwich, a packet of crisps, a tiny bar of coco for having lunch or a milky coffee and also muffin as a mid afternoon snack deserve to blow your Smart point budget there is no you also thinking about it.

I found this beforehand on! ns soon uncovered that the best means to address being hungry once I was out about and needing to pick up a store lugged snack, to be to have a perform of go to zero point snacks.

This aided me save to my Smart point budget.

These are several of my favourites!

Leave a comment below with what Low suggest foods you have as your go come snacks!


These little pots of street free, fat free Hartley"s jellies are great as a sweet and also tasty zero suggest snack! castle come in a number of different flavours such as cranberry & raspberry and mango & passionfruit.

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I often buy this Marks and also Spencer"s large King Prawns to snack on. They are great for you and are tasty and also filling and zero points. Result!


All 0% fat yogurt is zero points on the weight Watchers Flex / Freestyle plan. I like these little pots the Fage full 0%. They room thick and creamy and easy to eat ~ above the go!


These Japanese soybeans are rich in protein and also dietary fibre. These small pots the Edamame bean are an excellent to snack on right from the pot.


All fruits room a great choice because that a zero allude snack ~ above the go, but I find bananas particularly good as they space packed full of necessary nutrients, room so filling and also a come with their very own "packaging"!


This might seem prefer quite a strange snack to have contained in this list, however I love this wafer thin turkey breast! that is filling and also tasty and also hits the spot if you are craving other savoury!


Obviously, you wouldn"t want to to buy all her fruit and veg this way (it would certainly be an extremely expensive and also a finish waste that plastic) yet as a emergency snack, this 5 a day platters indigenous Tesco room really good!


I regularly buy these Egg and also Spinach snack pots from Pret a Manger if ns am travelling. Wasn"t it great when eggs came to be a zero allude food!!