The 16 year old driving curfew in Michigan is 10 afternoon to 5 am because that 16-year-old teen chauffeurs with a Level 2 i graduated licensing status. The only exceptions are when driving with a parent, legitimate guardian or driver end 21, control for job-related (including to and from) or to and from an authorized activity.

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What is the 16 year old driving curfew in Michigan?

Under Michigan’s i graduated licensing system, 16-year-old teen vehicle drivers with a Level 2 i graduated licensing condition “shall not run a automobile . . . etween the hrs of 10 p.m. And also 5 a.m.” (MCL 257.310(6)(a))

Are there exceptions to the 16 year old steering curfew in Michigan?

The 16 year old steering curfew that runs indigenous 10pm to 5am go not apply to Level 2 teen drivers when they room driving: (1) through a parent, legal guardian or driver end 21; (2) because that work; (3) going to or indigenous work; or (4) going come or indigenous an authorized activity. (MCL 257.310e(6)(a))

The law defines “authorized activity” as any type of of the following:

“A school or a school-sanctioned event or activity. For objectives of this subdivision, school way a windy or private school, including a house school.”“A sporting event or activity, or extracurricular event or activity, that is no school-sanctioned but that is part of an main sports league or association or an main extracurricular club, or the is paid for together a service readily available by a service specializing in those events or activities or training because that those events or activities.”“A class or regime of vocational instruction readily available by a college, community college, nonprofit association, or unit of government or by a business specializing in vocational training.”“An occasion or task sponsored by a spiritual organization that is tax-exempt under federal law.”“Transporting an individual in need of instant emergency care or personal protection to a health treatment professional, hospital, police station, residential violence shelter, or public safety location.” (MCL 257.310e(15)

Penalty because that violating the 16 year old control curfew in Michigan

The penalty because that violating the 16 year old control curfew in Michigan is a civil infraction. A violation could also result in an expansion of the 6-month minimum requirement for having actually a Level 2 permit and an extension of the 16 year old driving curfew and other control restrictions. (MCL 257.310e(6), (7)(d) and (11))

Can 16-year-old motorists have passenger in the car?

16-year-old teen drivers with a Level 2 graduated licensing condition cannot drive through “more 보다 1 passenger in the car who is much less than 21 year of age.” (MCL 257.310e(6)(b) However, there are restricted exceptions.

A 16-year-old teenager driver through a Level 2 graduated licensing status might drive without a passenger who is 21 or end if:

“The human being is attach by a parental or legit guardian or a license is granted driver 21 years of period or enlarge designated by the parent or legitimate guardian.”“Any extr passengers who are much less than 21 years of age are members that his or her instant family.”“The person is operation the vehicle in the food of his or her employment or while going come or indigenous employment or if going to or from an authorized activity.” (MCL 257.310e(6)(b))

Can 16-year-old chauffeurs talk on a cell phone?

No. Kelsey’s regulation prohibits every teen drivers (regardless of age) with a Level 1 or Level 2 i graduated licensing condition from making use of a mobile while control to make a call, answer a speak to and/or talk or otherwise interact in a mobile conversation.

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(MCL 257.602c(1))

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