Installing one optical journey is relatively easy, however you need to understand exactly how they connect. This short article walks you with the process.

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Step 1: right the an equipment into the journey Bay

If you have a screwless journey bay architecture or one v runners, consult your computer manual for full instructions.

Other cases require you to screw the drive right into place from the sides. The optical journey gets pushed right into the case from the front, and also that is whereby removing the front dashboard comes into play. The front of the drive demands to it is in flush with the case (flap-free models) or slightly further earlier for cases with flaps in the front.

To recognize where the drive need to be, press it in until the screw feet on one side heat up through the round screw holes on the bay’s sidewalls. Use the four screws (provided through the optical drive or case) to hold the journey securely in place. There room usually 4 screws in total.

Step 2: attach the EIDE or SATA Cable right into the Drive

The second step to installing an optical drive is to attach the data cables come the device. The procedure depends on even if it is you have a SATA or EIDE DVD/Blu-Ray drive.

Connecting SATA Plugs into the Drive

SATA optical drives function a slim plug that functions a right-angle notch, ensuring it just fits one way.


Connecting EIDE Cables right into the Drive

IDE (technically EIDE) optical drives include a 40-pin, 80-wire cable that is much more comprehensive and more complicated to insert. The EIDE cable only fits one method due come a protruding vital design in the connector’s center section.


Once girlfriend verify that all pins line up, give the connector a firm push to ensure it goes in every the way. This process requires patience due to the fact that the plug is complicated to fit into the opening. Girlfriend don’t want to bending those pins or press too hard if one was no lined up correctly.

TIP: If you’re installing an ext than one concept drive, you’ll need to collection the jumpers top top the behind so the one journey gets collection as master and also the other set to slave. many drives have actually a chart on top.


DVD/Blu-Ray drives and recorders typically use the SATA connection. The SATA strength cable is slim and flat.

Find an easily accessible power plug and also insert it right into the optical drive.

Inserting MOLEX power Plugs into the Drive

Older DVD drives through an EIDE connection use a Molex strength connector. This plug is a large (compared to various other PC plugs) white or black four-pin connector coming from your power supply. Find a complimentary one and also push it into the drive’s power socket. Use a bit of pressure to ensure appropriate connection. Give the plug a gentle tug to make sure it’s secure.

4. Right the ide or SATA Cable into the Motherboard

With all relations hooked increase on the optical drive, you’re all set to plug the cable into the motherboard.

The exact same insertion an approach used top top the optical drive applies to the motherboard. The SATA socket consists of the very same right-angle design to stop plugging that in the dorn way. You must hear a click when the connector is in place.


Regardless of principle colors, the motherboard’s EIDE relationships leave pin 20 empty. Some plugs block off that pin together a an additional protective measure up to ensure a correct fit on the board.

You can constantly check your motherboard’s hands-on for specifications and also location information. The principle connector plugs in one means only, thanks to that previously mentioned notch style in the EIDE socket. Push the cable in gently and also as straight as possible to protect against bending any type of pins.

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Now the all relationships are attached and also secured, you can turn on her PC and also let it detect the new drive in ~ boot and in Windows.