I love this following reader feature, since it to be a family members affair. Anytime i hear the the totality family was associated in the remodel process, it really makes me happy. Our children weren’t a part of the remodel (although ns wish they had actually been), however they definitely get to put in your time cranking increase the camper and setting up camp. The whole family gets affiliated when us hit the road, and also I love hearing around other households that carry out the same. So here is Janeth to tell friend all about her family’s camper makeover…

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My surname is Janeth, and my husband, Mike, and also I bought a 1996 Coleman sunlight Valley pop up because that $200 critical fall. Our household named her “Sunny.” She was in nice solid form inside, but we want to modernize her to fulfill our needs. After ~ looking through Pinterest and finding The popular music Up Princess, I came to be so excited by the possibilities, the we started our own makeover.


We began the makeover tiny by little over the winter. It take it forever come agree ~ above the color scheme. I wanted something calm and also beachy, but my husband wanted something more neutral that would certainly hide the dirt that comes v kids. Us eventually pertained to a compromise. After ~ agreeing ~ above a dark gray towel for the bottom cushions and also a gold flowery cloth for the ago rests, everything started to come together.

I sewed the cushion covers based upon this accuse I uncovered on Pinterest and included Velcro on the end to do it basic to remove and wash together needed. Once the cushion covers were done, I relocated on to the curtains. I had leftover fabric from the cushions and decided to make valances because that the huge windows. Then i simply cut an 800 count king size level sheet because that the side curtain panels. Mine husband reattached the old c-clips to hang them. For the bunkend curtains, I wanted something a bit much more funky. I wanted them to coordinate through a lamp ns had, for this reason I started playing around with fabrics I got from the rack sale at Walmart and Joann. I ended with the funny geo pattern at the bottom and solid yellow on top. Ns reused the c-clips below also.

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I made interval pillows from all the leftover fabrics, and also they ended up pretty cute, if ns do say therefore myself.