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plane nameSt. Augustine FL IATA airplane CodeUST CitySt Augustine CountryUSA Latitude29.950 Longitude-81.333 Cheap flights2 Cheap airlines1 Services

Closest Airport to St. Augustine FL airplane (UST), USA

Jacksonville, FL in ~ 69.47 km. 339 flightsDaytona beach at 89.64 km. 107 flightsGainesville in ~ 94.89 km. 121 flightsOrlando/Sanford, FL at 131.09 km. 66 flightsBrunswick golden Isles at 145.12 km. 2 flights

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Atlantic Beach, FL (distance in between Atlantic beach FL and St. Augustine FL airport: 46.58 km) in ~ 46.58 km
Doctors Inlet, FL (distance in between Doctors Inlet FL and St. Augustine FL airport: 46.42 km) at 46.42 km
East Palatka, FL (distance between East Palatka FL and also St. Augustine FL airport: 37.39 km) in ~ 37.39 km
Fleming Island, FL (distance in between Fleming Island FL and also St. Augustine FL airport: 42.52 km) in ~ 42.52 km
Green Cove Springs, FL (distance in between Green Cove Springs FL and St. Augustine FL airport: 39.55 km) at 39.55 km
Jacksonville Beach, FL (distance in between Jacksonville beach FL and St. Augustine FL airport: 37.38 km) at 37.38 km
Neptune Beach, FL (distance in between Neptune coast FL and also St. Augustine FL airport: 41.47 km) at 41.47 km
Orange Park, FL (distance in between Orange Park FL and St. Augustine FL airport: 45.44 km) at 45.44 km
Penney Farms, FL (distance in between Penney farms FL and St. Augustine FL airport: 45.96 km) in ~ 45.96 km
Ponte Vedra Beach, FL (distance in between Ponte Vedra coast FL and also St. Augustine FL airport: 17.06 km) in ~ 17.06 km
Ponte Vedra, FL (distance in between Ponte Vedra FL and also St. Augustine FL airport: 19.39 km) in ~ 19.39 km
Saint Augustine, FL (distance in between Saint Augustine FL and St. Augustine FL airport: 7.63 km) at 7.63 km
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