If you’re feather for opportunities to occupational for the U.S. Postal Service, one position that you might want to examine out is that of a City carrier Assistant. It is a non-career position although there are minimal benefits after ~ your an initial 360-day hatchet which can incorporate raises, paid vacation days, and accessibility to health and wellness insurance as forced by law. It pays $15 per hour and also you might be dubbed to occupational on miscellaneous days of the week, consisting of Sundays and holidays.

As a City transport Assistant, your main task is come deliver and collect letter on foot or by car in a particular area in every kinds that road and also weather conditions. If friend are forced to drive, among the demands is the you must have at least two years of recorded driving experience. This position also requires you to be acquainted with postal laws, regulations, products, and also the location of the area. As a postal employee in this capacity, you should preserve professional and also effective public relationships with customers and also others.

Your duties include: 1) Routing or casing letter in sequence of distribution along an established route; 2) Withdrawing letter from the circulation case and also preparing the so that the it have the right to be efficiently yielded by you or an additional carrier; 3) Preparing and also separating every classes of mail to be carried by van to relay boxes along a delivery route; 4) handling undeliverable letter following established procedures; 5) moving mail by foot or vehicle, picking up letter from relay boxes; and also collecting letter from street letter boxes and also accepting letter from customers because that mailing; 6) utilizing portable digital scanner together instructed; 7) Delivering and collecting charges on customs, postage-due, and C.O.D. Mail matters and also signing for them; 8) Depositing in the article office mail on the course upon returning from the route; 9) checking mailing cards indigenous advertisers; and also 10) offering customers v postal info and adjust of deal with cards and other postal forms.

A City carrier Assistant is likewise expected to report come his or she supervisor all unusual incidents or problems that called to letter delivery—e.g. Condition of street letter box and central delivery equipment. The or she is meant to come to be proficient in the casing of letter on other routes whereby assigned. The City transport Assistant is likewise expected to job-related professionally with other postal employees. Finally, the Assistant is also expected to do clerical work and also other duties together assigned.

All applicants for the City transport Assistant position are forced to happen the postal test 473, an aptitude test that will inspect an applicant’s capacity to inspect addresses, complete forms, and code and memorize.

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Information concerning this postal battery test will be sent to you as soon as you have developed your Candidate profile in the USPS website and also applied for the task online.