10 personalities From Ouran High School host Club, Ranked by Dateability The Ouran High School host Club is all around young love and fun, but who"s the ideal on a date?

Ouran characters Datability
falling in love is the whole suggest of the famous teen romance anime Ouran High School hold Club which ran for only one season in 2006. The "reverse-harem" (as one precocious four-year-old calls that in the show) is designed so that there"s somebody for everybody in ~ the school, romantically, among their characters. If a guest likes the Cool Type, she"d choose Kyoya; if Prince Charming is more her type, she"d go through Tamaki. If no of those floats she boat and she wants someone a little more down-to-earth, Haruhi"s orobably her go-to host.

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Of course, the trouble is, outside of the club, this characters" personalities differ a little bit from their hold personas. They"re people with actual conflicts, hangups, and facility lives, for this reason while the girls might fantasize about dating them and also it being perfect, the truth is that some of them are probably harder to it is in in a relationship with 보다 others. Here"s a perform of 10 of the main characters of Ouran High School host Club, ranked in stimulate of how dateable lock are.

Mitskuni Haninozuka
It"s true, Honey-senpai is around as adorable together they come - he"s sweet and also loves cake, and also is loyal and also straight-to-the-point through his friends as soon as he demands to be. The thing is though, while that is technically eighteen, he additionally acts as with a child. Also if a prospective day could set aside the truth that the alone have to be a deterrent native most people wanting to day him top top the confront of it, the logistically presents more problems.

Dating who at Honey"s level the maturity (or the lack thereof) would certainly require constant care and also attention, and would be much more like having a kid than having actually a boyfriend. And besides, he"s pretty emotionally attached come his cousin Mori - it would be tough to contend there in terms of attention.


9 Umehito Nekozawa

Umehito Nekozawa via Funimation
anyone likes a bad boy through a dark past, yet Nekozowa-senpai would probably be a lot come date, even for those world who consider themselves "fixers" in relationships. Ouran students should probably find an additional emo boy that likes occult things and also would choose to be out at night fairly than during the day - Nekozowa"s propensity to creep around, and his literal meaning allergy come sunlight, would most likely make that incredibly challenging to date.

Maybe a student who wanted to date him have to let him develop a stable relationship with his small sister first, and also see if that provides him a little an ext sociable.


8 Renge Houshakuji

Renge Hoshokuji via Funimation
while nobody"s going come tell someone they shouldn"t day Renge, many civilization might wonder why they"re doing it. Renge Houshakuji is very doting, and also she plainly wants anyone in her life to it is in the best that they have the right to be (even if she needs to coach them through it step-by-step).

However, in between her taste for expensive cosplay, her love because that picture-perfect personalities in date sims, and how normally high-strung she is, she"d most likely be the most high-maintenance girlfriend any type of boy in ~ Ouran can imagine.

7 Hikaru Hitachiin

Hikaru Hitachiin via Funimation
Hikaru is a sweet guy, also if that does have a little bit of a troublemaker streak. His mischievousness can be fun, too, specifically for the type of human who loves a great prank. The thing about Hikaru is he"s really emotionally immature, which is exposed once he tries to go on a date with Haruhi.

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He"s not an excellent about expressing his feelings, and he"s also worse around separating native his twin brother. Till he can grow a small bit emotionally, and also learn to no be therefore attached to Kaoru, Hikaru most likely isn"t the ideal dating alternative for any of the students at Ouran.


6 Kyoya Ootori

Kyoya Ootori via Funimation
Kyoya Ootori seems like he would be the perfect boyfriend however behind the scenes, he"s presented to it is in much an ext cool and also calculating 보다 he would certainly let his guests believe. However, we additionally know that also some of that cold, calculating demeanor is a disguise.

Kyoya is a facility person. He has actually a lot of household baggage, and he put a the majority of pressure on self to it is in the best, also at times when he doesn"t should be. Still, it"s clear that he genuinely cares around the people approximately him and also will go to great lengths to do them happy without ever accepting credit. If the college student who made decision to try don"t mental doing some work to obtain to his emotional center, he"s no the worst alternative to date.

5 Haruhi Fujioka

Haruhi Fujioka via Funimation
with Haruhi, what you view is what friend get. She"s not one come play games, and not one to obsess end labels; also labels about her gender don"t phase her one way or the other. She"s kind, caring, and genuine, v a large heart and mind to complement - there"s a reason basically every hold in the club is into her at some point.

Yes, Haruhi Fujioka is quite dateable... As lengthy as the human being who desires to day her have the right to make her notification they"re right into her. She"s yes, really oblivious, and also even overt expressions of affection go appropriate over her head. Still, she"s a good partner because that anyone that doesn"t mind the she"s mainly concentrated on one thing at a time, and that point is not generally romance.


4 Kaoru Hitachiin

Kaoru Hitachiin via Funimation
Kaoru has the same issues as his brother, however less so. He"s just as attached to Hikaru together Hikaru is come him, and also he doesn"t want their time in their little bubble to end, necessarily. Still, he"s definitely an ext emotionally mature than Hikaru, and way more self-aware: He also knows that, eventually, he and his brother will relocate on and come to count on various other people.

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Even that realization makes him a couple of steps closer to date-readiness than Hikaru. With the best person, Kaoru would certainly be an extremely sweet, supportive friend - and would still be up because that some fun pranks every now and also again, too.

3 Tamaki Suoh

Tamaki Suoh via Funimation
Is Tamaki dramatic? Yes. A handful? you bet. Enthusiasm to the point of delusion and mania? virtually always. Dating Tamaki Suoh would certainly be a lot come handle, no doubt about it, especially for anyone who"s not the super-romantic type. However, if the lucky student to be the super-romantic type, then date Tamaki would be a dream - and even if castle weren"t, he would still have his love of gold to offer.

At Tamaki"s core is the desire to do everyone roughly him happy, and the human being who stop his heart would normally be first on the list. That"s not a negative trade for a tiny bit the drama now and also again.


2 Takashi “Mori” Morinozuka

Takashi Morinozuka via Funimation
Mori is usually everything one could want in a boyfriend. He"s handsome, strong, caring, loyal, and also sweet - and a good listener come boot. As far as members the the actual hold Club, Mori is by much the many emotionally mature. He"s just a quiet, sweet guy. The one thing about Mori the a potential partner can have to get approximately is his attachment and also loyalty to Honey, i m sorry will always come first.

But if the person courting him can assure him that he would still have plenty the room for his cousin in his life, and also that they loved love husband as lot as the did - and also as long as she doesn"t psychic carrying many of the conversations in the connection - Mori would make a an excellent boyfriend.

1 Ritsu Kasanoda

He"s not a member the the hold Club and he might be a small scary-looking, however Ritsu Kasanoda is by far the many dateable single person in Ouran. He"s a small shy, however he"s exceptionally caring, even to strangers and also injured birds. He puts on a typical face because it"s meant of him, but all the really wants to carry out is pat games and have a small fun.

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If a student could get over a little bit of an unconventional face (and the truth that he runs a mafia family), Kasanoda would certainly make a really awesome boyfriend. He and also whoever the was v would be the cutest couple on the show, even as background characters.

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