There isn’t a human on the planet earth who isn’t familiar with those purrfect small striped cats through the signature “M” on their foreheads. But have you ever wondered why that is the all tabbies have actually these signature letter markings on their foreheads? clear science needs to do through it, yet there are also interesting old stories surrounding this telltale tabby cat marking. I’ll talk about the suitable science behind the first, and then on come the funny tales behind it!


Can science explain why the is the all tabby cats have the letter “M” on their foreheads?

Each cat is distinctive as is your coat and also its pattern, so definitely something need to specifically define how this commonality occurs. We execute know, however, the tabby cats space striped as result of the agouti gene. This gene causes their stripes come have also distributions that pigment if the lift of their coat is made up of banded hairs. That’s the most scientific an answer I have the right to gather, to be honest. In the meantime, enable these interesting tales of how tabby cats earned those signature letters on your foreheads come intrigue you… Enjoy!

Ancient myths surrounding that signature “M” on their forehead…

I think it goes there is no saying the there room some pretty outlandish speculations bordering the theory regarding why this tabby cats have actually the “M” noting on your foreheads. A true tabby constantly has one, also if the is muted (diluted). Tabbies with bold markings frequently have an “M” marking which is really pronounced and highly noticeable.

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The Letter M concept #1:

So, there are a few theories surrounding the famed M. The an initial is that the M source on these cats during ancient Egyptian times. For this theory it is thought that the M actually represents “Mau” which would certainly be pronounced prefer the cat language we know and also love: meow.

The Letter M theory #2:

The second, and also perhaps even more hard come believe, is that mother Mary herself blessed a stray ginger tabby who purred a fussy infant Jesus back to sleep v a kiss atop his forehead. And also from the day forth, tabbies to be forever “blessed” with an M kiss.


The Letter M theory #3:

The 3rd comes from old Islamic culture. It is thought that the Muslim prophet Mohammed named a tabby cat Muezza, which equates to “cherished” in Arabic after ~ he saved his life. Little Muezza got hold of a poisonous line which had actually slithered right into Mohammed’s clothing. Afterwards, Muezza fell asleep ~ above Mohammed’s garment in that very same spot, wherein his owner stroked him through love and also respect. Many Islamic people believe that it was he who offered the “M” come these cats to express his unlimited gratitude for having actually saved his life.

While we know their hereditary makeup is what outcomes in these M’s we’ve come to love, believing in legends is constantly fun!

Fun tabby name fact: The term “tabby” actually originated in the middle East, which is a word supposed to define a kind of silk through a strip pattern on it.

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