Honey is sweet. Vinegar is sour. What perform these 2 food items have to do with getting what friend want?


And now, Words and also Their stories from VOA finding out English.

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There are countless ways come get world to perform what you want.

You deserve to boss castle around. “Do this!” “Do that!” girlfriend can likewise threaten them. “You had better do what i say or rather …”

But this methods might not acquire the finest results and also you probably will shed a couple of friends.

Perhaps being nice come other world is the best and easiest way to get what you want. In fact, we have a speak that explains this way of thinking.

You get an ext flies with honey than v vinegar.

We should very first thank bees for making something together sweet and also tasty together honey.

Vinegar have the right to be tasty too. Yet on that own, the is sour and also has a bitterness taste. Once you mix vinegar with various other things, such together oil, it deserve to taste much better. However on its own, vinegar is difficult to swallow.

So, the expression “you get much more flies v honey than v vinegar” method it is a good idea to be nice to others. You deserve to win end people an ext easily by being polite and also kind.

Being median or uncomfortable is prefer being complete of vinegar. You will certainly push more people far by acting sour or bitter. Nice, polite requests often work better. And in the end, you actually obtain what girlfriend want.

Like numerous English expressions, you execute not need to say the complete sentence. Simply saying, “you get much more flies v honey” is great enough.

Now, let’s hear just how to use this idiom in a dialogue.

A: us are way behind on painting this house. If the volunteers don’t rate up, we will certainly be paint in the dark!

B: Correction. They will be paint in the dark. I will certainly be at home watching television.

A: it is in nice. After all, the volunteer aren’t gaining paid.

B: Well, the is the meaning of a volunteer. However you’re right. They have to work faster. I"ll yell at them part more.

A: Wait. You have actually been yelling at them?!

B: Well, yeah.

A: I placed you in charge of the volunteers and you’ve to be shouting in ~ them!?! have you lost your mind?!

B: who the one yelling now. Quiet … that the only method to get them to occupational hard.

A: No! No, the not! girlfriend catch more flies through honey than through vinegar.

B: Well, that might be true. But yelling functions too.

A: not on mine project! now go apologize. And assist them paint! and also do no be rude or mean.

B: Okay. Okay. Calm down. Girlfriend don’t have to yell or call me names. No you ever hear friend catch an ext flies with …

A: don’t you even finish that sentence.

And the brings us to the end of this Words and Their Stories. But join us again following week when we will certainly explore another idiom or expression in American English.

Until following time!

I’m Anna Matteo.

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Anna Matteo composed this story for VOA discovering English. George prosper was the editor.


Words in This Story

boss – v. to give orders to

sour – adj. having an mountain taste the is prefer the taste the a lemon

polite – adj. having or showing good manners or respect for other people

dialogue – n. a created composition in which two or much more characters are represented as conversing

yell – v. to utter a loud cry, scream, or shout

sentence – n. a team of words that expresses a statement, question, command, or wish