I have seen this all over the web and also while it must be taken very seriously v dogs, it’s not so straightforward because that cats. Cats are recognized for sleeping in monster positions, from sideways to upside down. Learning the difference between head pressing and normal cat behavior will help you much better care for her cat.

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What Is Head Pressing?

Let’s touch top top this because that a minute if you nothing know.

“Head pushing is a condition identified by the compulsive action of pressing the head against a wall surface or various other object for no noticeable reason“ – petMD

There are many conditions that can reason this come happen but the most widely recognized is hepatic encephalopathy. This is the result of the liver no functioning effectively so toxins space left in the bloodstream leading to nerve damage.

Other causes of head pushing include:

What’s the Difference?

Cats who are sleeping with their face down, this is common cat behavior. Some cats are just most comfortable prefer this.

When it concerns head pressing, friend will check out your cat doing this against walls while sitting, and also while awake. Lock will push their head up versus something, unrelaxed.

You must recognize your cat’s behavior and when to have cause for concern, and also be aware that this can occur at any kind of age. Look for medical help for her cat if the is sleeping/sitting like this with diet changes (eating less/more), disoriented behavior, walking in circles, walking right into walls, sudden drooling, crying when being picked up, and also depression.

When to check out a VetIf you see your cat resting with your head pushing down and they space relaxed, over there is most likely no cause for concern. However, if they are awake and sitting or standing with their head versus a wall (or various other objects) then they should see a vet asap.

Examples the differences

Below are 5 pictures of mine cat, Joey, sleeping in a “head pressing” position.This is thought about “normal cat behavior“ and also you have the right to see that he is relaxed.





Now here are some photos of actual head pressing, you can see the difference! this cats are not serene at all, this is when to it is in concerned.

I hope this clears up any kind of confusion and concerns girlfriend may have had. If you have a question about your cat head pressing, leaving a comment below!

Why does my cat to walk 5 to 10 measures then plop down. He also lays down to eat and drink. Now he lays down to to pee in the kitty litter. That is 11 year old and I believe he is insulin deficient but doing quite good. Don’t have actually a vet appointment until Monday, the 2nd of August.



My cat doesn’t push her head against the wall, yet she has been rubbing she head versus the edges of my table, looking choose there room some itchy spots on she face. She walk become more vocal, but she has actually been purring doing so (rubbing). Need to this it is in something ns must worry about? I just have adopted her for 1.5 months, for this reason I execute not know.


What if her cat does it but against yourself, not versus any tough object, once he is cuddling on her lap? Otherwise the chap is fairly fine.

Thanks for your comment, Manuel. A lot of cats carry out this to present affection and also trust, ns think your cat need to be just fine.


My gf lugged our 10 yr old female cat to the vet to have actually her ear cleaned. The receptionist INSISTED ON our cat obtaining a rabies/distemper vaccine…Our cat to be perfectly healthy, vibrant,and loving prior to the visit.After we acquired her residence she quit eating and also drinking for 3 weeks.She is currently being treated because that what the vet states is pancreatitis and also liver failure!!! They accept ABSOLUTELY NO responsibility FOR ANYTHING! currently our when normal cat is dying and fighting for her life…she head-presses frequently since she has actually hepatic encephalopathy also…I feeling responsible for this…she is,and always has to be an indoor cat…No factor to obtain rabies vaccine…This is a nightmare! The vet is soaking us progressively for every coin they can get…hundreds that dollars so far and also our bad cat is not acquiring better.Its to be 2 weeks on antibiotics, denamarin,and gabapentin…..

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