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Genre: Strategy, 2D Real-Time Strategy Developer: Unknown Publisher: Unknown ESRB Rating: Not-Rated release Date: November 9, 2011

First, you walk to castle Miner Z (duh) and also go down to redeem password (still duh) and form in the native (and numbers): 2BE172F6 and also a display screen will popular music up and say "Start the with assault Rifle". Well there ya go, enjoy!

First you do a crate. Then, because that example, you desire to duplicate a diamond. Placed the diamond in the crate, climate you host left analog stick up or down and press A really fast.

You can dubble wepons and blocks by dowing this glitchYou need 2 world a block/wepon to dubbleFirst gain a block or wepon put it in a create someone keeps on pressing A top top the wepon/create and the other human does the very same to perform with wepons someone presses A on the the other person moves the assult rifle and also you can do that untill package is filled and also same with the blocks.

In the game make a pickaxe and also collect as much bloodstone together you can develop a close up door house and make a pickaxe and also it never breaks or make 1000 choose in a game.

You need to gain a iron choose axe and also dig deep enough to acquire to blood rock exspand it and also you can almost live because that ever.

Go come creative, begin the video game with 1 or 2 players, to walk 4000-5000 paces then you gain to rock and also lava and there will certainly be gold, diamonds, and there will certainly be feet in the ground where There will certainly be bloodstone in there. Make certain you have actually a diamond choose axe or bloodstone pick Then save the game. Whoever is hold saves map. Make certain you have 1 or 2 safehouses in map. Make certain you have actually at least 2 crates to placed the stuff you have actually in however keep the points you desire to generate with in your inventory. ~ you save the video game you deserve to go come endurance or survival or creative and modify the map.

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If you mine down much enough, you will certainly eend you in hell, but the much more fun means is to travel 3,100 blocks. If you go 3,100 blocks you will additionally go to mineral land. Mineral floor is where all the minerals are. Girlfriend can discover diamonds, bloodstone, iron ore, copper ore, and also many much more things.

First turn off make sure you have actually some kind of attack rifle and also then go to Dragon Endurance (Single-player, or Online, doesn"t matter) and keep playing for around 2 hrs and also maybe, simply maybe, you could have part diamond, bloodstone, gold, iron, copper and didn"t relocate a step!

28 Days later on survive for 28 days
28 Weeks later on survive for 196 days
Air Defense kill a dragon v a guided missile
Alien conference acquire close come an alien
Alien technology make a kill with a laser weapon
Anniversary make it through for 365 days
Around the world travel 5000 block from start
Boom! death an enemy with a grenade
Crafter handmade 100 items
Deep Digger destruction 20 blocks below the surface
Deep frozen take trip 3000 block from start
Demolition skilled handmade TNT
Desert Crawler travel 1000 block from start
Dragon Slayer death the undead dragon
Fire in the Hole! death an enemy with TNT
First contact take trip 50 block from start
Hell On earth travel 3600 block from start
Leaving house travel 200 block from start
Master Craftsman craft 1000 items
MinerZ Potato Play for 100 hours
Mountain male take trip 2300 blocks from start
No fear death 100 enemies
One Week later endure for 7 days
Self Defense kill one enemy
Short Timer Play because that one hour
Survived the Night survive for 1 day
Survivor make it through for 100 days
Tinkerer handmade one item
Veteran MinerZ Play because that 10 hours
Welcome to Hell dig 40 blocks listed below the surface
Zombie Slayer death 1000 enemies