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over there is naught worse than being pregnant, no being able come sleep, and having a cold. Most people instantly desire to turn to Vicks Vapor Rub yet are scared the it can damage their baby. This leads to many world opting to put it on their feet.

This is additional away indigenous the face, therefore the odor is not as strong. It renders sense, however it’s actually no necessary. When supplied according to the directions, Vicks Vapor rub is fully safe come use throughout pregnancy.

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Before utilizing an over-the-counter medication, which contains putting Vicks Vapor obstacle on feet when pregnant, it’s vital to think about the ingredients the are contained to make sure that you and also your unborn baby space safe.


Camphor is recognized for causing miscarriage as soon as ingested. When used topically, it has been for sure for pregnant women.

It’s important to remember the the level the camphor in Vicks Vapor rub is under 15%, for this reason a huge amount the this would need to reach her unborn baby to reason any type of damage.

Eucalyptus Oil

This has actually been determined to it is in safe throughout pregnancy in both subject applications and also as one aromatherapy option.


There are no researches to identify whether this ingredient is safe throughout pregnancy. It must be noted that most think that because there space such short concentrations the this ingredient in over-the-counter medications.

The danger is incredibly low if ingested, and even lower if used topically.

Cedarleaf Oil

Cedarleaf oil is not necessarily for sure or unsafe during pregnancy. No studies have actually been carried out on this important oil. In ~ the same time, there room no reports to suggest that the can cause harm come the unborn fetus either.

Nutmeg Oil

Nutmeg oil is for sure in moderate amounts during pregnancy. Once rubbing Vicks Vapor rub on feet during pregnancy, just use it together directed come ensure that the infant is safe.


This is the petroleum jelly that the ingredients of Vicks are blended into. The is safe for use throughout pregnancy when used topically.


Thyme, i beg your pardon is the base ingredient the Thymol, is thought about safe during pregnancy in center amounts.

There is no a big enough quantity of Thymol in Vicks to cause damage to an unborn fetus if girlfriend would prefer to apply Vicks Vapor obstacle on feet when pregnant.

Turpentine Oil

Turpentine oil is taken into consideration unsafe to consume orally, however most women are not going come be eating Vicks Vapor Rub. This will certainly not make applying Vicks Vapo obstacle on feet if pregnant unsafe.

Vicks Vapo obstacle Uses

Vicks Vapor rub is frequently used by ladies that space pregnant to alleviate a selection of symptoms.

Being pregnant is uncomfortable enough, for this reason there’s no factor not to treat points to do it a little more bearable till you lastly get to accomplish your small one.


Vicks Vapor rub on feet while pregnant can easily help relieve congestion. This is a exorbitant remedy to use while pregnant to help those that room suffering indigenous a cold, allergies or anything rather that results in congestion.

Simply use some Vicks, kick your feet up, and also turn on her favorite show.


Vicks Can help You Sleep Better

Vicks Vapo obstacle on feet if pregnant will certainly not instantly do you sleep better, yet it deserve to solve several of the problems that can result in you not being able come sleep when you’re pregnant.

Being pregnant deserve to be stressful. That included anxiety can instantly result in you tossing and transforming all night. Instead, relax through a nice foot rub. This can instantly alleviate the tension of the work so that you can get a more restful night’s sleep.

Vicks Vapor obstacle is likewise commonly provided to aid soothe aching muscles and also joints. Simply using Vicks Vapor obstacle on feet while pregnant is every it can take to lull foot pains and help you acquire a an excellent night’s sleep.

Help stretch Marks cure Faster

According to this article, Vicks deserve to not only be provided to prevent stretch marks, but it have the right to also assist them heal.

Simply apply Vicks to the stomach area and also watch them gradually fade away. This process does take time, but you must start to see outcomes in as small as a couple of weeks!

Improve The figure Of Pimples

It seems choose pimples pop up overnight as soon as you’re pregnant. I recognize mine did as soon as my hormones were raging. A dab that Vicks top top the blemish won’t do the pimple disappear overnight, however it will instantly minimize swelling and also redness.

Instead of a gigantic red knot on your face, you’ll have a barely noticeable pimple. The last is always preferable.

Eliminate Toenail Fungus

Sometimes, you’re bound to acquire a instance of toenail fungus. Whether it’s forgetting your shower pair of shoes at the gym or it simply randomly happened, it’s there. Vick Vapo obstacle on feet while pregnant have the right to solve that difficulty in a couple of weeks.

First, it will revolve a dark color, and then friend will notice a new, healthy and balanced nail farming out. While you’re rubbing the on her feet, spread out it over her toenails too for exorbitant results.

Is Vicks Vapor rub Safe throughout Pregnancy?

Yes, listed pregnant ladies follow the directions. It have to only be used three to 4 times a day together recommended. It additionally should no be applied to soft tissues, such as the inside of the mouth.

This could lead come you gaining a larger dose the the ingredients 보다 you should while pregnant. It have the right to be dangerous and may result in a miscarriage. Using Vicks Vapor obstacle on feet when pregnant will not it is in an issue.

If you do pick to use Vicks, remember the it deserve to be danger if ingested or not supplied according to directions. Make certain that you save it the end of reach of children, and only apply 3-4 times daily or together directed.

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If you still aren’t convinced, remember to contact your obstetrician for further advice about applying Vicks Vapor rub on feet if pregnant.