My laminate floor provided to be dull. Smudges and footprint were noticeable. Also though ns mopped that weekly, I could not obtain it earlier to the shiny look it used to have. I started to wish that I had never had that flooring installed.

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the said, ns still tried and scoured the internet for a adequate remedy to my problem. Fairly a many people argued using the DIY solution of vinegar and water. What confused me was this vinegar acid apparently could cause issues prefer warping. Sigh... 

I additionally read around the Bona clean product. While there were countless positive reviews, some human being complained about their floors retaining dull spots after its use. I wondered whether this item was worth the hype. 


There was honestly nothing lot to lose. I decided to provide those options a try on a little section of my floor there is no high expectations. Much to mine surprise, they operated well come revive the laminate.

Are you wondering simply how an excellent these services were? listed below I have actually shared in details around how I managed to clean and also shine my laminate floors by make the most effective use the them. I carry out hope girlfriend will enjoy the same eureka minute as ns did!

Things you will certainly need

≫ Dustpan (optional)


 A Good vacuum cleaner through the difficult floor setting 

≫ Distilled white vinegar

≫ Water

≫ Spray bottle

≫ Clean, lint-free cloth

Some an excellent vacuums maybe you also like

How execute I gain my laminate floors to shine?

One that the ideal things around laminate floors is they look flawless and shiny. They have the right to remain that means with proper maintenance. Still, residue and dirt buildup from unsuitable clean items might accumulate on laminate and reduce the quality. 

The mystery to restoring bright to your flooring is with the appropriate cleaner type. Also, prevent using specific unfriendly assets on the floor as shortly as girlfriend can.

Step 1. Move or vacuum 


First, eliminate dirt and dust from your floor making use of a mop. Laminate is a thin timber layer over artificial medium thickness fiberboard. It is vulnerable to surface ar damage. The is why you need to not use any kind of abrasive cloths or mops.

You have the right to vacuum the laminate, which is much an ext effective at collection fine dust particles. Still, make certain you avoid scratching or dulling the floor complete by making use of the difficult floor attachment. To speak no to vacuums through the beater bar to stop the buildup of grit and also dirt.

✪✪✪ Pro tips: 

☑ Avoid scrubbers favor steel wool and also scrubbing sponges. The ideal material for restoring shine come laminate flooring is a soft, lint-free microfiber cloth.

☑ Clean under furniture and along the walls since hair and dirt are likely to slide across your flooring. If you just dust the visible areas, trash can move out from the hiding place and also onto her laminate thanks to slight alters in the air. The consequence is friend will have to repeat sweeping from the beginning.

Step 2. Usage the appropriate cleaner

The vinegar and also water equipment is the best homemade way to go for me. The is inexpensive and also works sufficiently. I placed a 1/2 and also 1/2 combination of water and also white vinegar in a spray bottle. 

If you do not choose the idea of making use of vinegar come make her laminate floor shine, a cleaner specifically created this type of flooring (Bona, etc.) is another great choice. This famous product has a neutral PH level the is its benefit over vinegar, and is for sure for polyurethane. Be certain you to buy the Bona Cleaner rather of the polish or refresher. Those will leave shiny residues which could possibly harm your wood floor.

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✪✪✪ Pro tips: 

☑ To stop dullness, continue to be away from cleaners through oils, soaps, or harsh chemicals. You must only use a trusted cleaning product specifically designed to polish laminate floors or a water and also vinegar mixture for shine! 

 Laminate flooring manufacturers space the best people come ask about the laminate floor light restorer. Friend know, you can void her warranty once not utilizing their recommendations. 

 If you room not protest to rubbing alcohol, you can add it to the mixture of water and also vinegar. That does a great job of eliminating shoes polish, nail polish, crayons, and also inks ~ above the laminate floor. A an excellent measurement proportion is equal parts water: vinegar: rubbing alcohol = ½ cup (118 ml): ½ cup (118 ml): ½ cup (118 ml).

 To decide whether you determined a appropriate cleaning product or not, i recommend you execute the first test on one area the is small and covert from the eyes. If the coating is adequately clean and also stays intact, you have the right to use it to clean the whole floor.

☑ Warm water is much better for the floor than warm water. If done accurately, it will not leaving streaks.

Step 3. Spray the solution directly onto the laminate 


Importantly, spray a small at a time, especially when it pertains to the vinegar solution. Never soak laminate with large amounts of liquids as permitting moisture come sit top top the floor for as well long could make the warp. Also, this helps you reach the entirety area v the mop without walking ~ above the wet floor. 

The odor of vinegar will not stroked nerves you; it just lasts ten minutes or less.

✪✪✪ Pro tips: 

 ☑ Spray a well mist that cleaner over an area about 3 feet through 8 feet wide.

Step 4. Wipe the cleaner up with a microfiber mop


Work in small sections the the floor in the grain direction v a clean microfiber mop. Be sure you wring that out prior to each use. Avoid using string mops ~ above laminate together they organize too much water which will damage the floor. Your floor surface should look moderately damp without streaks. 

Spray the cleaner and mop over it till the totality floor is clean. 

✪✪✪ Pro tips: 

☑ Apply cleaner in the an initial small area. Wait two or 3 minutes. Spray the next section (area 2). Go earlier and wipe up the systems from the first area. Apply cleaner to the next section and also then come ago and wipe increase area 2. Continue this back and forth process until you end up tackling the whole floor.

Step 5. Dried the laminate

Once your room surface has actually been cleaned and also looks spotless, dry it off. If there is a large amount that water left behind, use a dried microfiber fabric to absorb it. Otherwise, let it air dry. You have to not to walk on the laminate while it is still wet to safeguard the shine.

Next, look at the dry floor in the light and check for any type of remaining dull spots. Rub and also buff them through a dry fabric to gain back the shine.

✪✪✪ Pro tips:  

☑ Say no to any kind of cleaning device that is water-based - because that example, mop-and-bucket, steamers, and spray mops.

☑ Ensure your home has suitable ventilation while friend clean the floors.

The do’s and don"ts 


Although ns have managed to reclaim shine to mine laminate floors, I recognize being particular about how to take care of castle is essential for preserving shine and also damage prevention. I have actually other priorities in life, so i cannot invest too much of my priceless time cleaning the mess i make to mine flooring due to my inadequate care and attention. 

That is why I have actually put together these crucial points once it involves keeping the laminate polished. Take it it easy; it is not rocket science however easy to understand and follow. 

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1. Simple things to do

≫ Install protective pads top top the bottom of her furniture to stop potential scratches through table legs, chair legs, etc. Because that chair legs and the like, you deserve to rely on small round pads. You need to use more full pads because that bigger and also heavier furniture to safeguard the floor.

≫ Vacuum or sweep at least once a main to avoid the build-up of dirt and also dust on your floor and possible scratches. Clean up her laminate an ext often if you have actually an energetic home with small children and also pets. 

≫ Always count on the hard floor attachment once vacuuming.

≫ Consider make a no-shoes policy to store the floors clean. Or else, prepare home shoes for your family and also guests to wear. That takes five seconds at most and also probably twenty secs or so if you have footwear to unlace.

≫ Place floor carpet at her entrances. Lock not just welcome guest to her home, but help collect dust, mud, dirt, moisture, and also other corpuscle that might be traction in indigenous outside.

≫ Handle pour out immediately. When laminate is durable, that is not intended to become overly wet. As soon as food pour out on her floor, gather solid waste utilizing a towel. Usage a fabric to wipe increase liquids that finish up ~ above the laminate.

 Mop up any kind of stains when they appear.

≫ In instance of dents or scratches to her laminate, you can buy a touch-up kit for its finish maintenance. Typically, there room either crayons or color pencils or filler product in this kit. When you usage this touch-up product appropriately, it can conceal the damage to the floor v ease while keeping the finish and also durability.

≫ Do a magazine cleaning v the remedies mentioned over or commodities made especially for laminate flooring care.

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2. Points you should not do

 Never wear outdoor pair of shoes in the house, or friend will probably track every the filth from your shoes into your life space. 

≫ Never wax the laminate. As it is make to it is in shiny, you execute not need to treat it through wax or a similar substance. Also, if you perform a Google search, you can see horror stories around those who have used floor wax on their laminate and how lot work that is to remove it. The is well known for dulling and ruining her floor rather than providing a shine.

And finally!

Many house developers on famous TV shows indicate installing laminate floors because that a reason. While the is from wood composite, laminate has actually the exact same look together solid hardwood flooring. Also, that is usually much less expensive and also easier to placed in and fit together. 

The transparent protective layer on peak is fantastic. Clean this type of flooring will certainly not tension you. When you master the basics, it will certainly look as an excellent as brand-new and shiny there is no a lot of effort. 

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Make certain you do a wise choice about her cleaners since the floor deserve to retain a film which attracts dirt and dust quickly. Homemade cleaners are among the most safe options. Same parts warm water and vinegar are ideal. Either the or you have the right to rely ~ above Bona cleaner. Wipe increase the laminate through a perfect mop. I was great to watch the actual results prior to my eyes. I successfully restored the bright to my laminate floors, and also it does not cost a fortune to gain the job-related done!

What is more, regular care will store your floor beautiful for years. The is not challenging at all by following the over tips.

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Now that you have actually read with my post, the is time to transform your flooring. Let me know if girlfriend need any further help.