Hello World! Welcome Friends! having actually a clean floor is most likely one the the many important aspects of a clean, beautiful home. There are various varieties the flooring favor asphalt, ceramic, brick, marble, and many more. While most floor varieties are straightforward to maintain, there are some that require specific special products to avoid any kind of damage. Keeping your floors like new is all about proper maintenance and also cleaning.

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Floor types You have the right to Use a Mop On

Below are some of the common floor types used and also what mop and also cleaning method you need to use come clean them.

Hardwood Floor

What Mop come Use: Microfiber MopRecommended cleaning Solution: Bona cleaning KitBe mindful of: Not making use of water for cleaning the hardwood floor.

You’ll watch hardwood floors an ext often in gym courts and also outdoor spaces. Among the most necessary things come remember once cleaning hardwood floors is come never use water or heavy steam mops to clean hardwood floors. Water will damage the hardwood floor and cause far-ranging damage come the lumber over time.

A microfiber mop is the right mop to use for clean hardwood floors. Friend don’t need to use water at all. Every you require is a little of a cleaning systems to mop the floor through it. Many hardwood floor makers recommend utilizing Bona clean Kit as the cleaning systems to use.

Porcelain Tile

What Mop come Use: Sponge MopRecommended cleaning Solution: white vinegar, water, continual dish soap solutionBe cautious of: Cracking

Porcelain tiles exude a feeling of class and also luxury. They are very hard however can crack if you acquire careless so don’t be also rough during cleaning. That being said, one porcelain piece is straightforward to change so if you perform break one, you can conveniently replace it.

For the ideal cleaning solution, use ¼ cup of white vinegar, 2 cups of water, and 3 to 4 fall of continual dish soap. Mix the ingredient in a bowl and also pour that in a spray party to usage on the floor.

A sponge mop is among the ideal mops for porcelain tile. They nothing easily end up being moldy and you can use castle for long periods that time. Dampen the microfiber mop with warmth water if you feeling the require to.

Linoleum & Ceramic Tiling

What Mop come Use: Microfiber MopRecommended cleaning Solution: water and also dish soap solutionBe mindful of: Phenol Cleaners

Linoleum and ceramic tiles room actually different. However, the method for clean them is the same. Before mopping the floor, you have to sweep the entirety surface to remove any loose particles.

For the clean solution, use fifty percent a bucket the water preferably heat water. Mix in it 6 to 8 fall of normal, over-the-counter dish soap and stir it up. Dive a little of the solution on a microfiber mop and also wring it appropriately so that damp and also not dripping with water. ~ mopping, use hot clean water to remove any kind of dish soap residue.

Never use Phenol Cleaners together a disinfectant cleaner. Phenol cleansers have the right to be toxic and also unhealthy come use especially for pets. If you still want to usage them, make certain you monitor the accuse on the product to avoid some that the hazards.


What Mop to Use: Spray MopRecommended clean Solution: PH neutral cleaner, water, ammonia, and bleach-free floor cleaner solutionBe cautious of: Soaking the laminate floor

Laminate floors are virtually identical to genuine wood in regards to looks. They too have actually some common cleaning needs with hardwood floor types.

The most reliable cleaning solution you deserve to use is ½ cup the PH neutral cleaner, 4 cups of water, and 2 tablespoons of ammonia and bleach-free floor cleaner. Mix this ingredients together and pour into a spray bottle. Spray little sections the the floor and mop making use of a spray mop to stop using too much water.

Do no soak the laminate floor v water together it have the right to seep under to the basic of the plank tiles and an outcome in damage to the flooring. Spraying prevents soaking the laminate through too much water and easily dries up.


There are different floor species that houses use and also they are easy to clean and also maintain. Simply use the ideal mop and cleaning solution for ideal cleaning to keep your floor sparkling clean. You additionally need to be cautious of the points you have to avoid that will reason damage to her floor.

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