broken glass doesn’t have to destroy the day. Even if it is it’s a windshield, a favourite knickknack, or a smartphone screen, glue deserve to repair most broken glass.

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Types the Glue for Glass

Superglue, epoxy, and silicone room the leading adhesives for repairing glass. Superglue is a quick-fix for a glass repair the won’t be subjected to water or stress, if epoxy or silicone may be much better for larger jobs that need weatherproofing.


Cyanoacrylate adhesives, much better known as superglues, live up to their surname by difficult to virtually everything, including glass. These glues space acrylic resins, and they deserve to repair little cracks, chips, or breaks.

By developing a super-strong bond come hydroxyl ion in water, superglue cures almost instantly. Since water is in nearly everything, consisting of the air and also the damaged glass, superglue renders an effective glass repair option for inner fixes that don’t experience high temperature or humidity levels.


Unlike superglue, epoxy has two parts: resin and hardener. Mixing the two creates a chemistry reaction that spur polymerization, i m sorry is a bond at the molecular level. Epoxy is especially effective at glass repairs due to the fact that the adhesive is potent and also dries to a clear finish.

After the resin-and-hardener mixing process, the glue begins to harden immediately. This create a restricted time to use the epoxy prior to you should mix a new batch. The upside is that epoxy is ultra-hard, long-lasting, and also resistant to extreme conditions.


Silicone is renowned for glass repair since it’s highly flexible, waterproof, and also easy come apply. It commonly acts as a sealant in aquariums, window frames, automobiles, and also appliances. That is gel-like consistency is both waterproof and mildew-resistant. If a glass repair is exposed continuously to water, too much heat, or harsh elements, a silicone adhesive may be the ideal option.

What to think about When selecting the ideal Glue for Glass

After identify the kind of glass repair that’s necessary, calibrate the find by thinking about which features are many important. Application, drying time, link strength, waterproofing, and also temperature resistance—all deserve to influence the repair’s efficacy.

Indoor vs. Out Use

Whether the broken glass is the end or indoors results the form of adhesive that’s best for the glass repair. Because that an outdoor repair, check that it’s made to host up come the debilitating impacts of too much temperatures, direct sunlight, and exposure come water.

A waterproof superglue that’s resistant to the weather’s debilitating impacts is available, but most continual superglues are far better for at home repairs. A silicone or epoxy adhesive is much more likely to organize up against moisture or ultra-high temperatures choose those skilled by windshields and exterior windows.

Drying Time

Drying time have the right to mean different things during the gluing process. Setting time is the lot of time the adhesive demands to harden. As soon as the adhesive achieves a best bond with the material, it’s cured. Some glues set and cure virtually instantly, if others need several days come reach full strength.

As anyone who has actually superglued their fingers together can attest, cyanoacrylates cure nearly instantly. Epoxies deserve to take as much as a complete week come cure, so they may not be the best choice for a fast repair job. Silicone have the right to cure as quickly as in 24 hrs up to several days, depending upon the thickness of the repair.

Bond Strength

Bond stamin is affected by lap shear strength and peel strength, which indicate an adhesive’s capacity to withstand stress. A lap shear test actions an adhesive’s capacity to withstand stress when the glue move laterally come the repaired material. Peel strength steps adhesive strength under perpendicular pressure.

Glass needs different varieties of bond staminas in different applications. For example, repairing glass in a windshield exposes the adhesive to much more stress than the glass in a snapshot frame repair, due to the fact that the windshield will certainly experience higher levels that wind pressure and also flex.


Some glues are water-resistant, and also others room waterproof. Superglues regularly are just water-resistant, due to the fact that the adhesive bonds come hydroxyl ions in water. An extensive exposure to moisture can slowly deteriorate a superglue bond.

Epoxies might be waterproof or water-resistant, relying on the type of epoxy. If the glass repair will encounter an extensive immersion or exposure come water, usage an epoxy design for the purpose. Naval epoxy is wonderful choice for glass repair that must stand approximately water immersion.

Silicone is a famous material to usage as a sealant in bathrooms, kitchens, or roofs because of the long-lasting waterproofing capabilities. To fix a cracked in an exterior window, windshield, or part other type of glass that’s exposed to the elements, silicone is more than likely the finest bet.

Temperature Resistance

Anyone who’s touched a windshield top top a car sitting in the sun deserve to confirm that glass stores heat. High temperatures have the right to decrease the capability of an adhesive to keep its integrity. That’s why world use punch dryers come soften the adhesive on stickers to remove them.

Glass transition Temperature, or Tg, is the temperature at which the adhesive stops gift hard and also begins to take it on a rubbery characteristic. For example, an adhesive for a windshield repair requirements a much higher temperature resistance than a fix on a vase displayed in a temperature-controlled home.


While many superglues and also silicones are prepared for bonding best out the the package, epoxies room a different matter. Due to the fact that epoxy requires a chemical reaction come bond, the hardener and resin room packaged separately. Once mixed, the chemicals need only a few moments to start hardening. Have all the devices prepared, and make certain you recognize the entire procedure before mix the epoxy.

Perhaps the most an important part that the gluing process is clean the repair area before using the glue. Usually, a 50:50 mix the rubbing alcohol and water washes far oils and dirt that may interfere v the adhesive, however consult the glue’s package because that directions come ensure the appropriate cleaning technique.

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Our optimal Picks

Many different types of high quality glues are easily accessible for glass repair. Considering application, drying time, and resistance to environmental factors, the adhering to are some optimal picks for the finest glues for glass repairs.