Every experienced fish keeper knows the all fish types need specific water conditions if they are to thrive and remain healthy. Betta fish are really sensitive come the high quality of the water in their tank, therefore it’s vital that you get it right.

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In this comprehensive guide, we tell you every little thing that you must know about what kind of water her betta fish needs and also how to store your fishy friend’s setting perfect for him.

Types of water

Although you could look in ~ water and see a colorless, odorless liquid, different kinds that water space not every the same, and it’s an essential that you usage the correct kind of water for your betta fish tank. Making use of the wrong type of water could poison your pet!

So, let’s take it a look at the different kinds of water the are obtainable in an ext detail.

Tap water

The water that’s provided by many fish holder comes appropriate out of her faucet! However, you need to not use tap water in your fish tank there is no conditioning the water first.

How so?

Well, insanity water is chemically cure by your local water utilities company to death off any bacteria that could be current in the water so the it is for sure for you come drink and also use because that washing, etc.

Chlorine vs. Chloramine

Back in the day, chlorine to be the chemical disinfectant of selection for most public water companies. To do the water safe for use in your fish tank, all you essential to carry out was to run a bucket the tap water, allow it to was standing for 24 hours, and stir that occasionally. Chlorine is a pretty unstable substance that evaporates after 24 hrs or so, leaving the bucket of water for sure for her fish.

However, in recent years, another more stable chemical called chloramine has replaced chlorine in the domestic water supply. Chloramine is comprised of both ammonia and also chlorine. The ammonia molecule that room bound to the chlorine molecules stop the chlorine indigenous evaporating. That’s great for killing bacteria and renders the water perfectly for sure for you, but it also method that the old-style “stand and stir” method for insanity water purification doesn’t’ work.

What’s in her tap water?


Betta fish require clean water through a pH in between 6.5 and also 7.5.

Although you can buy specially ready betta water, the ideal kind of water to use for a betta fish tank is tap water that’s to be treated through a suitable conditioner the neutralizes the chemicals, hefty metals, and also copper that might be current in the water. Insanity water is cheap, readily available, and also contains few of the minerals the bettas have to remain healthy.

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To discover out specifically what chemicals space in your tap water, questioning your regional water supply company to disclose that details to girlfriend so the you understand what kind of water conditioner to use.