As a lawn mower user, the is girlfriend who have to take care of the mower and also know every its details about the mower. Trust me, no one will help you like you!

And if you don’t understand the details around the lawn mower, a tiny problem will turn right into a big problem for you.

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You may discover the lawn mower’s battery is not charging properly. Keep in mind that you can’t activate the mower if the battery is no charged properly.

So, what execute you think? your lawn mower has come to be out the order? for sure not. 

A lawn mower battery can quickly be fee up by using a auto battery. You yourself have the right to do this at house only if you take a few steps carefully.

Now comes the critical fact, perform you know exactly how to charge a lawn mower battery v a car? If her answer is no, then nothing to issue about. 

In this article, girlfriend will find out every the necessary guidelines to fee a lawn mower battery with a car. 

So, Let’s destruction it.

In this content you’ll learn:

The process To charge A Lawn Mower Battery v A Car

The procedure To charge A Lawn Mower Battery through A Car


This procedure is dubbed the run start. It have the right to take around 5-6 minute to finish this charging mission. V jump-start, friend can easily turn the lawn mower strength on.

Let us first know around the tools that will assist us. Girlfriend don’t need so countless tools to complete the task. Only a modern battery charger is needed to charge the lawn mower battery through a car. 

You will uncover various types of battery chargers in electric shops or automobiles shops. Pick the best one for you. 

For safety purposes, don’t forget to wear hand gloves and also goggles. Girlfriend can also wear a protective fabric for your protection.

Steps to follow:

Step #1: take it Lawn Mower Close to The Car

Firstly, take it the lawn mower to a flat surface. Set it in the parking mode. Take the lawn mower very close come the car for the convenience of charging. 

Step #2: Turn turn off The Car

Turn the vehicle power off. Set the vehicle in the parking setting also. Traction the former hood upwards and also find the end the battery compartment.

Step #3: Locate Lawn Mower Battery

Find the end the lawn mower battery. Most of the lawn mowers have actually a battery under the chair if you room a riding lawn mower user. 

Step #4: Disconnect The Battery

Disconnect the battery indigenous the strength cable. It will save you native being all of sudden electrified.

Step #5: Check Battery Voltage

Check the voltage of the lawn mower battery. Most of the lawn mowers usage 12 volts batteries. Inspect the voltage that the car battery also. If the voltage is no equal, climate the battery may explode when you begin charging.

Step #6: Connect Charging Cable

Now, the time to attach the charging cable with the batteries. If you look closely, you will see that there room two terminals in every battery. 

One is the confident terminal (+) and also the various other is the negative terminal (-). The color of the positive terminal is red and black shade indicates the an unfavorable terminal.

Connect the red terminal that the mower battery through the red terminal that the vehicle battery. Again affix the black color terminal that the mower battery through the black terminal that the auto battery. Carefully connect the edges making use of the battery charging cable.

Step #7: Test and Disconnect The Cable

Turn top top the mower this time. If the mower go not turn on, leaving the battery charged for a while. Try to revolve on the mower again ~ charging. As soon as the mower is turn on, disconnect the battery charging cable carefully. The excess fee may damage the lawn mower battery. 

Done. Now you have the right to use the lawn mower as before.

The Tips that Will store Ahead:

There is no must charge the lawn mower’s battery every the time. But there space some times when charging the battery boosts the durability of the battery.

Charge the battery when you store the lawn mower in the winter. Charge the battery when you reuse the lawn mower at the start of spring.If the battery goes turn off for part reason prior to the mowing.


Before beginning your work, go v the user hands-on of the battery charger to avoid any kind of kind of undesirable situation.Check the voltage the the battery carefully. Due to the fact that the battery explosion is a very serious thing. A battery explode can happen to you as soon as you work-related from an extremely close come the battery.Keep kids away when you do this kind of work.

Final Verdict: 

Charging a lawn mower battery with a auto can rotate an easy procedure to you if you have actually the endure in this regard. However if you feeling uncomfortable, don’t do this by yourself. Contact with an professional mechanic will make your task easier.

Always shot to monitor the alerts to avoid any kind of danger. Any form of accident can cause major damage as you attend to batteries.

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Hopefully, native this article, you acquired the points on just how to charge a lawn mower battery v a car.

Now, the is her turn. Have actually a breath and also start changing your lawn mower battery through yourself!