There are many tools these days that assist to make your hair look at shiny and also healthy. Except the shampoo, conditioner, styling gel, hair oil, and also other commodities that we may use, a level iron probably has a uniquely crucial place of its own. A flat iron is a go-to device for styling your hair, straightening it, or making that look smooth and sleek. It is no wonder, then, the so countless of us simply cannot endure without our flat irons!

Depending top top the type of hair girlfriend have, and your day-to-day hair routine and also styling needs, you might use your level iron differently from any kind of other person. Typically speaking, many of united state wash ours hair and then use the level iron to format or straighten it. However do girlfriend wait for your hair to dry prior to using the level iron ~ above it? Or perform you usage the steel on wet hair? Is one way better than the other? you will discover differing views around this, i beg your pardon can reason confusion in your mind about the best way, or right time, to use a flat iron. Lets’ take a look into using a flat iron ~ above wet vs. Dry hair.

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Using a flat Iron on Wet Hair

As I discussed before, girlfriend can find varying information about using a level iron on wet hair. Merely put, hair straightening irons have to never be used on wet hair. And also there is a great scientific reasoning behind this. Every single strand of her hair is comprised of three parts- the innermost part called the medulla, the middle layer called the cortex, and the protective, outermost layer called the cuticle. Now when friend wet her hair, it deserve to absorb as much as thirty percent that its own weight in water. Applying a boil hair straightener come this wet hair method that the took in water inside your hair turns into gas. This method it expands and needs to gain out. So that bursts out explosively from the inner component of her hair, shattering the hair.

Think that this as comparable to popping popcorn. Doesn’t sound favor a very great idea through your hair, go it? This wake up to hair ideal up versus the cook ceramic key of your level iron. End time, damaged hair increases, and also you finish up v brittle, dry, unhealthy hair which should just be chopped off. While hair straighteners these days room very great quality and also come v technologies never seen before (check out HSI Professional’s ceramic tourmaline ionic level iron picked as the ideal flat stole by countless publications), they cannot prevent damage to her hair if supplied incorrectly.

Even though it might be tempting to acquire done v your hair quickly throughout the morning rush and use your level iron while your hair is quiet wet, all you room doing is gravely damaging your hair in the long run. Those more, some human being even experience electrical shock when putting an electrical flat steel on wet hair.


Using a flat Iron on dry Hair

Using a hair straightener on dry hair is the best way to use this tool. Uneven wet hair, dried hair does not gain damaged by utilizing a level iron. However, that still walk not mean that the damages to dry hair is zero. Constant use that a flat iron, especially if utilizing it incorrectly, have the right to still reason damage to your hair. Some points to store in mind when using a level iron space – not having the warm up also high or else her hair can gain burnt, constantly using a heat protectant prior to styling or straightening hair to minimize warm damage, and limiting the usage of a straightener to once or double a week. Another good idea is to buy a hair straightener the is appropriate for her hair and is a peak quality product.

All our HSI experienced Flat Iron options are designed utilizing the latest technology and provide years that service. And also to top that, castle come at really affordable prices. Our flat irons use HeatBalance technology, ceramic tourmaline plates, reflexive floating plates, and also other good features that allow you come quickly and easily straighten your hair. For a complete list of flat irons through HSI Professional, visit ours website today.

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Styling or straightening your hair through a flat iron is a great convenience. Make sure you use this device in the right method so that you can obtain the maximum benefit out the it without damaging her hair.