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Admit it—if you a parent, her refrigerator is also your home’s arts gallery, institution calendar, notice board, and shopping perform holder. In short, that the epicenter the clutter.

You might find that cute, yet here’s the sad truth: You deserve to wipe the table, pack every dirty dish into the dishwasher, and also stack the pots and pans in the cabinets, however if you’ve gained a fridge extended with magnets and papers, your kitchen is a mess. It"s the type of chaos you can acquire used to, however it"s the first thing people notification when they walk into your home.

I dislike clutter, and I recognize you do, too. Once you go digital to admire all those beautiful images on home architecture sites, the kitchens are constantly pristine. Probably there’s a bowl of lemons on the island, or a linen dish towel draped end the leaf of the farmhouse sink. Yet refrigerator magnets? Never.

When stainless stole refrigerators came to be de rigueur, you might have jumped on the trend and also celebrated! No much longer would friend be supposed to pole every coupon, arts project, or permission slip on the fridge. In fact, girlfriend couldn’t—it wasn’t magnetic. Now, newer stainless stole finishes—like black color stainless—actually are magnetic again. Yet don"t even think the cluttering up that beautiful new fridge through magnets. Here"s what you should do instead.

Get a cleaner kitchen without actually cleaning

Once you gain all the crap turn off the refrigerator, your kitchen will look neater. Take it the following step.1. Develop a chalkboard wall.


If you"re the the very least bit crafty, it"s not that hard. Repaint a rectangle top top the wall, all over the household will watch it. Chalkboard repaint is now high style, also in much more formal life rooms. For the much less talented, there room chalkboard decals. As soon as you"ve got a chalkboard, kids can attract on it, and also you can use it monitor events, write your to buy list, and write reminders to her spouse.Buy a Chalkboard paint Kit for $14.97Buy a YXTO chalkboard decal and also chalk because that $9.89

2. Article a magnetic board.

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want a magnetic surface? This one will certainly work. Put it increase on a wall, just not in the kitchen. Pole on magnets and all those documents that offered to it is in on the refrigerator. Done and also done.Buy the Umbra Bulletboard Magnet Bulletin board for $42.84