I love false nails. Together a unique treat I’ll gain acrylics done once or double a year, but I find them expensive and also they tend to wreck my nails. This is why I favor to use false nails at home.

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As a parent, and also a writer, I find having lengthy nails slows me down, so doing a DIY project of false nails seems prefer the most basic option. I don’t intend them to stay on for much more that 24-48 hours, they don’t really have much of a an adverse effect on my organic nail, but they look really glam when I go to any social events.


Pre-painted false nails space all well and also good, yet you can’t constantly buy the perfect shade for your outfit. That’s where paint your very own false nails before applying comes in handy.

How to repaint False pond Before applying at Home

You will certainly need:

False nailsChosen pond varnish colour(s)CellotapeCotton buds

Update: I composed this article well before nail stands to be so straightforward to acquire hold of. For this reason if you don’t want to buy a pond stand, climate the cotton bud and cellotape technique still works. If you want the nails on a nice screen stand favor the one below, they’re actually really cheap. This one is £8.99 indigenous Amazon (affiliate link)


Choosing the right shape false nail

It’s much much easier to repaint a ready-shaped false nail, 보다 to make any changes later. I chose a brief stiletto nail, yet there are lots out there. I bought mine on Amazon and also got tons for only a tiny amount.

These room what ns went with and also found lock to be pretty good.

You require to try the unpainted nails end your very own to check you’ve got the appropriate size. When you’ve selected all ten, friend can gain to work.


The snapshot above reflects what the package contains, it’s fine worth it because that £5.99!

Prepare the false nails ready to paint

This is whereby the cellotape and also cotton sprout come in. In stimulate to paint false nails before using them, you have to secure them come something!

Wrap the cellotape backwards about the top of the cotton bud so that the sticky side point out outward.


From there, friend should be able to press the false pond onto the difficult tape and it should hold well enough to it is in painted.


This Barry M Gelly Shine was gifted as component of a previous collaboration.

When you’ve secured the nail on the end of the noodle bud, your next step is to repaint it.

Painting the false nails before using them

Once you’ve offered the pond a coat (or two) they should be prepared to use. Just wait for them to dry fully.


If you’re an imaginative and have a steady hand, you can also include nail art to a couple or all of the nails. I gained some great nail arts brushes native Poundland, so girlfriend don’t should spend a many if you’re going come dabble in nail art.

The nails say insurance claim to be reusable, so if that’s what you’re planning, I’d invest in some sticky tabs to secure your nails rather than nail glue which will leave a residue.

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Something favor this:

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