Nothing tastes like childhood quite prefer a high glass of cacao milk. Among my favorite treats together a son was sneaking right into the kitchen and making myself a glass of coco milk when no one was looking. The course, I"d finish up spanned in coco sauce and also spilled milk, completely unsuccessful. Lucky for me, my mommy was always there to save the day (and make the best glass of chocolate milk). Without more ado, here"s exactly how to make cacao milk prefer your mother used to.

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This recipe uses only 2 ingredients, therefore you deserve to skip heating your milk v cocoa powder and sugar and get straight to sippin" simple on the choco milk.

Chocolate Milk

prepare Time:2 mins cook Time:1 min total Time:3 mins Servings:1 easy


1 cup milk 4-5 tablespoons cacao syrup
Betsy Chilcoat
step 1

Pour the milk right into your glass. You deserve to use any type of kind of milk girlfriend want. If you"re in search of non-dairy milks, climate coconut, soy, and almond milk all work-related well.

Betsy Chilcoat action 2

Drizzle in the cacao syrup. My favorite method is to swirl the in and also watch the delicious chocolate sink come the bottom that the glass, but you can likewise measure the out v a spoon. The recipe calls for 4-5 tablespoons, yet don"t be fear to add much more until you feeling satisfied. If you include too much chocolate sauce, girlfriend can constantly add much more milk until you uncover that perfect ratio.

Betsy Chilcoat step 3

Stir the chocolate into the milk through a spoon, and watch that glass of ordinary milk turn right into a delicious coco drink. Add much more chocolate sauce to taste, and also you"re an excellent to go.

Betsy Chilcoat

Alternatively, if you"re feeling specifically lazy, cocoa powder and sugar can be substituted for chocolate syrup. Just include one tespoon of continuous sugar and one teaspoon of cocoa powder. Microwave for 2 minutes, stir and also let cool, and voila! Milk that tastes even much better than her childhood me remembers. This technique requires the hassle of measure up spoons and heat, but aren"t all great things space worth the extra effort?

If you"re feeling extra adventurous, supposedly camel milk is the milk of the future. Or probably you"d it is in interested in seeing how almond milk and coconut milk ridge up? Hey, i don"t know about you, however I"ll try anything once. Plus, chocolate tastes an excellent with everything–that"s simply science.

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Now the you know how to make chocolate milk, execute you feel closer to her inner kid? I certainly do. Sip straightforward as you"re taken back to those simpler days of playgrounds and nap time.