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In California, people live in close proximity come wild animals. With a population of practically 40 million, the golden State"s cities and also suburbs proceed to grow and encroach upon areas that to be once house to just wildlife. The state of California considers raccoons fur-bearing animals and, when they are plentiful, there space strict regulations in place concerning removing, trapping and also owning them. Raccoons do their dens ~ above a person"s personal property and can live turn off of whatever from trash to fruit trees and vegetable gardens.

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Raccoons (procyon lotor) room wild pets that have actually a doglike appearance. They are easily identifiable by the black color mask that fur across their eyes, a bushy, ringed tail and also hair that is in shades of gray-black come reddish-brown. They deserve to weigh as much as thirty pounds and also can be aggressive once cornered, with couple of predators ready to take them on.

They room intelligent and have hand-like front paws that permit them to manipulate objects and excel together swimmers and climbers. Their hearing and eyesight are likewise quite keen. They space nocturnal animals and also primarily solitary.

During reproduction season (typically February or March), males will take trip a few miles from your den, if females continue to be within a half-mile radius of your home. Raccoons carry out not hibernate in the colder months, but they do come to be inactive and can lose up to half their human body fat throughout that time.

The raccoon lives in most areas of the unified States, except in some mountainous areas at higher elevations in the Southwest. Lock are prevalent in the wooded locations of the east Coast and prefer hardwood forest habitats with a water source.

They don"t inhabit deserts, however they live near or on farms with crops and also livestock watering locations in the western unified States. They likewise thrive in California urban locations such as mountain Francisco, Los Angeles and Sacramento. Raccoons make their dens in any type of place they have the right to hide; hole trees, piles the brush, abandoned buildings, barns and also haystacks space all areas where raccoons make a home.

Raccoons space voracious eaters and can reason plenty of damages to a residence or garden searching for food. They are omnivores whose diet consists of whatever from fruits and also vegetables to nuts, pet food, earthworms, insects and grubs, rodents and even koi fish. They likewise eat chickens and their eggs.

Raccoons record both canine and also feline diseases. They are prone to distemper native both species, which can be fatal. Raccoon rabies is common on the eastern Coast, however California has actually yet come report rabies in that raccoon population.

Raccoons can reason considerable damages to a home and also property. They will leave partially consumed crops and destroy plants. They might seek to obtain entrance right into a home"s attic or chimney when building a den or raiding rubbish cans looking for food – in part instances, castle will even tear off shingles to acquire entrance to a home.

A raccoon will seek shelter once it"s time to provide birth, once the temperature cools and when night falls. They will certainly crawl top top the roof of a residence to obtain entry come its attic; residents frequently hear their heavy movements during the night.

Most people in California live reasonably close come wild animals, including deer, coyotes, skunks, bobcats, opossums, squirrels and also raccoons. These animals generally steer clear of humans and should be scared away if castle don"t as it is just through an unfavorable interactions that they learn to prevent humans. Human interaction v wildlife can lead come the animals" destruction.

A human being who comes throughout a raccoon that doesn"t run away in their presence may encounter an pet that is sick, protecting that young or no afraid the humans as result of feeding. Once this happens, they should contact their local pet control office come report the animal.

According come the California code of regulations Sec. 251.1, the is illegal to herd or harass any kind of wild animal. The state defines harassment together an act that disrupts one animal"s normal behavior. It typically exempts tiny birds because a bird feeder does no interfere with natural behaviors. Also, the legislation does not use to residential property owners or tenants who actively drive off wild animals to prevent damage on their property.

Human food scraps must not be readily accessible to wildlife. Pet owners must not leave food because that domesticated pets out overnight in one area accessible to predatory animals, including raccoons. Feeding wildlife is likewise illegal when offered as part of an effort to hunting the animal.

California has some of the strictest pet ownership legislations in the country. The does not enable people to save wild animals due come their one-of-a-kind dietary and housing needs. They additionally pose a risk to the public, together they have the right to transmit dangerous conditions to domestic animals and also humans. In California, it is a misdemeanor to very own a raccoon. Penalties include:

$500 come $10,000 civil fine, with extr costs for removing the animal and also its care. Maximum punish of increase to 6 months in jail, a $1,000 well or both.

The state seldom prosecutes people for illegal possession that wild animals. However, it does can take the pets away. Depending on the species, the pet deserve to go to a rehabilitation center, a laboratory, back to the wild or confront being euthanized. Trappers typically euthanize raccoons, therefore, attempting a for sure co-existence native a distance is finest for the animal.

A human can capture a raccoon using a trap, however it demands to it is in sturdy – castle are strong animals. California Fish and also Wildlife suggests a live, cage-type trap over a leg-hold trap. It have to be at the very least 10 x 12 x 32 inches and also made native weighty materials. Raccoons will take baited cat food, chicken or fish.

When a person traps the animal, they have to leave the food behind the treadle and also put a small amount external of the cage near its opening and also inside close to the entrance. They should additionally place the earlier of a solitary door trap versus a solid object v a maximum 1/2-inch mesh wire to prevent the pet from pulling out the bait altogether.

These traps do not allow for a selective non-target record release, so human attempting to trap a raccoon in one area where non-target capture is more likely should use a crate trap instead. These need to be body-gripping or ~ above leaning poles to keep dogs native getting recorded in them.

Securing chimney screens and sealing gaps roughly eaves to protect against their entry. Trimming trees and other high plants far from the roof. Put mothballs in the attic

they dislike the smell. Sealing every entrance points once they leave. maintaining trash have the right to lids secure and barbecue grills clean. Protecting vegetables and also poultry with an electrified wire an installed close to the soil or making use of heavier gauge wire to secure chicken pens. regulating garden pests to limit food resources from foraging raccoons. Securing metal flashing increase to 3 feet around the base of fruit trees. Pinning sod down by utilizing thin spikes or wooden stakes or netting it until it can root.

Homeowners attempting to remove raccoons in the spring and summer months should know that there may be kits, or young raccoons, tho on the property. They have to not exclude any raccoons till they recognize for sure that removal of every raccoons has developed or all have actually left the area of their own volition. Racoons regularly use uncapped chimneys together den sites come raise their young until they wean them. This requires home owners to be patient, together they will hear mainly of scratching, walking and other sounds from the raccoon household above, but the mommy will ultimately move the kits from the area as soon as weaned.

If the residential property owner does not have the patience, castle can contact a insect removal service in your area to eliminate the raccoons. Nevertheless, once the raccoon family members is gone, the property owner have to put exemption techniques into practice. They should never attempt using poison to kill a raccoon – this is illegal in California. Property owners through a chronic raccoon issue should instead contact a expert pest control company in your area; they have a valid license to trap and also remove the animals.

While homeowners deserve to use exemption techniques to save raccoons off their property, they space persistent and also will continue to be on it anyway. Residential property owners who grow crops sometimes try to frighten raccoons into keeping away by using lights, dogs, noise native radios, streamers do from towel or plastic, plastic windmills or by banging on pans or lids. Residential property owners have additionally tried transforming on motion sensors or sprinklers to surprised the animals.

These techniques have only varying degrees of success. None have had actually much result over lengthy periods that time since raccoons simply get used come them; once they are over your fright, they will return. Therefore, California Fish and Wildlife advises home owners not to rely exclusively on these methods.

In 2019, California governor Gavin Newsom signed legislation making the donation, revenue or to produce of every fur products illegal in the state. Assemblywoman Laura Friedman authored the bill, which applies to all assets made through fur, consisting of clothes, handbags, shoes and other fashion accessories. Those who break the law will confront civil penalties. The half on fur begins on January 1, 2023.

There room exceptions come the legislation in regard to supplied fur, taxidermy products, leather, shearling and also cowhide. Fur used by aboriginal American tribes or in religious ceremonies is also exempt, together is fur taken when someone legitimate hunts an pet with a searching or trapping license.

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Michelle Nati is an associate editor and writer who has reported ~ above legal, criminal and also government news because that PasadenaNow.com and complicated Media. She hold a B.A. In Communications and also English from Niagara University.


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