The battery died on my riding lawn mower. I was wonderingwhether that is for sure to jump-start the lawn mower with my car, and also ifso, carry out you have any tips on how to carry out it?


RAY: Carefully.

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TOM: annually we hear around some moron that blinds self in abattery explosion. For this reason if you"re planning come be that moron, stopreading ideal now.

RAY: Seriously, if friend don"t recognize what you"re doing, questioning someonewho does to help.

TOM: but if you"re technically adept, this is a good solution.Your automobile battery is 12 volts. Most riding mowers have 12-voltbatteries, too. That course, you require to inspect to it is in sure.

RAY: If her mower offers a 12-volt battery, usage the jumper cablesas you would certainly when beginning another car. Hook the positive cable tothe hopeful terminal that the automobile battery. Then affix the otherend of that cable to the confident terminal the the mowerbattery.

TOM: Then affix the an adverse cable to the car battery"snegative terminal, and the other end to the frame of the mower.They come off in precisely the the opposite order.

RAY: because the battery top top a riding mower is often buried deepunderneath the seat, be careful not to permit any component of thepositive clamp or the exposed cable to touch the frame. Otherwise,you might end up with a hairdo favor my brother"s.

TOM: Or a hairline choose my brother"s.

RAY: Finally, make sure the car"s engine is turn off. Thealternator in your automobile produces too many amps because that the lawn mower.You want to administer the mower"s battery v just sufficient juice tostart. The mower"s generator will charge the battery.

TOM: yet there room some even much better solutions.

RAY: One alternative is a "jump pack," which prices 50 or 60 bucks.It"s a plastic-encased 12-volt battery with jumper cables attached.You plug it right into a wall surface socket to charge it, and also tote it out andclamp the built-in cables to the dead battery once you need tojump-start a car or mower.

TOM: The other alternative is a $40 trickle charger. You could hookit approximately the mower the job before, and also you"ll be all set to hack downyour wife"s prized tulips an initial thing the next morning.

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