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Every state has its own rules because that driver’s licenses. Each gets to pick the different varieties available, the labels for each type and the requirements for obtaining any of them. The said, there are a great number that similarities amongst the states. The requirements for obtaining an simple license in Florida won’t be too different than in California.

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You may be wondering, then, if you can have driver’s licenses from various states at the very same time.

You can achieve a driver’s license just in the state wherein you reside, i beg your pardon is the state the you take into consideration your permanent home. Because that instance, if you rent an apartment or very own a house in Minnesota, you will obtain a Minnesota driver’s license. Once you relocate from one state come another, girlfriend are supposed to achieve a license in your brand-new state and also surrender or get rid of your old one.

If you are in college, the issue may it is in a bit an ext complicated. As a university student, you spend a much better part of her year at your school, which may be in a different state 보다 your parents" home. If your parents" residence remains your long-term residence (if girlfriend live in a dorm and return home each summer), climate you would have a driver’s patent for the state whereby your parents" residence is located. Although, if you rent an apartment in her college town, you deserve to be taken into consideration a residents of the state and also get a patent there.

A variety of states do having more than one driver’s license illegal. For example, California auto Code §12511 states, “no human being shall have actually in his or her possession or otherwise under his or her control an ext than one driver’s license.” If a police officer find you have an ext than one non-expired driver’s patent at a time, you have the right to be ticketed. To it is in clear, this is no a criminal matter. This is one infraction, and you will need to pay a fine.

The bigger worry with having more than one non-expired driver’s patent at a time is that it might be thought about fraudulent or evidence of fraud, which would be a crime. Friend may have two driver’s licenses together a mistake. You relocated to Nevada native Texas, acquired a Nevada license and also never removed your Texas license. This is no a good scenario, but you clearly had no ok intent.

However, law enforcement officers might view having two driver’s patent as an effort to go crimes. You might be in big trouble if the information on the licenses does no match, or there is proof you are using both.

If you discover yourself in problem for having actually two driver’s licenses, call an skilled traffic or criminal defense lawyer in your area.

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You can have one driver’s patent from the state wherein you reside. Having an ext than one in ~ the same time can lead a police officer come fine you.

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