There are countless myths bordering the herpes simplex virus (HSV) and also how it’s spread, but one of the much more common ideas is the you can get herpes from sharing a drink with an additional person. We’ll acquire into the details of this usual STD legend in a moment. But prior to we put this misconception come rest, not only have to we take into consideration how herpes is spread out but likewise if it can also survive outside the body. Remember that the thing around sexually sent conditions is that they are sexually transmitted.1

As is the instance with many STDs and also STIs, that is highly unlikely that you’ll contract the herpes virus with anything various other than skin-to-skin contact with one more person; and that includes sharing drinks.2

How go herpes spread?

Herpes is most frequently transmitted through kissing or sexual task including oral sex, vaginal sex and anal sex. In these situations (unlike sharing a drink, straw or cup), the virus is most most likely to it is in transmitted–which is component of what renders safe sex practices and herpes testing so important.

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But deserve to you record herpes from share a soda with a friend? It’s extremely doubtful, however, caution must be bring away if you have actually a herpes breakout. Oral herpes is especially transmittable during breakouts as soon as sores are open up or moist. If you’re enduring symptoms of HSV and have these varieties of sores–also well-known as fever blisters or cold sores–it’s essential that you are extra careful not to happen them to someone else. This may involve pass on common drinks or kissing because that a while.

Keep in mind that babies are specifically vulnerable to herpes. Together adorable as they might be, please withstand kissing any babies (including your own) if you are experiencing an dental breakout. Numerous adults, who are living with dental herpes today, contracted it as children from infected adults who were unfortunately not as cautious.

How long does herpes live external the body?

As easily as the herpes virus flourishes within the human being body, it can not live for more than a couple of hours external of the human body (i.e. Top top a straw, cup, or plastic bottle).3 The only methods HSV-1 or HSV-2 deserve to be spread out from human to person is through kissing, sexual activity and coming into direct call with an infected area of skin or open up cold sore. While it is hypothetically feasible that HSV can remain energetic in residual saliva ~ above the in salt of a glass or straw, the opportunity of transmission is still an extremely slim. For this reason if you accidentally mutual a drink through a girlfriend or partner, you must be just fine!


Transmitting the herpes virus by sharing drinks is essentially impossible and also highly unlikely. Due to the fact that of the nature and also fragility of the virus, share a straw, bottle or glass must not posture a hazard to anyone’s sex-related health. Despite common misconceptions, you also cannot record herpes indigenous a toilet seat, fork, doorknob, drinking fountain, hug, vehicle or handshake.

Though treatable through various prescription and also over-the-counter medications, herpes is just one the the couple of STDs that are not curable. And while you more than likely won’t record it from a rogue straw or water bottle, you do have to be careful about with who you room kissing or engaging in sex-related acts. It’s constantly a an excellent idea to acquire tested because that STDs native time come time and, if appropriate, look for the consultation the a medical professional as far as exactly how the problem can ideal be treated.

That gift said, it’s tho not entirely advisable to share drinks v strangers as other bacteria grow on these surfaces. When you could not catch herpes indigenous a common drink, it’s tho a prime means to capture a variety of other conditions such as strep throat, influenza or a cold. All points considered, you might want come stick to your very own drinks as a great rule that thumb.

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