If you have actually been told that you have actually to get your documents notarized, it is necessary for you to take care of them on the process is done. Usually, girlfriend will need to submit the original copy in order for the transaction to move forward. At the very same time, accidents happen from time to time. Together a result, you might lose, misplaced, or otherwise damage your notarized documents. When this happens, deserve to you submit a copy instead? Is a copy the a notarized file valid? take it a look at some important points regarding scanned and also photocopied notarized records below.

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What Is a Notarized Copy?

First, there can be situations where you require to obtain something referred to as a notarized photocopy. Because that example, you might be using for a job outside the country and you might need a notarized copy of your ID or diploma. This is a certified copy the a record that has been marked with a seal and also the signature of a notary. In this situation, that is not the obligation of the notary come verify that the original file is authentic. Instead, the seal the the notary is placed in location to remain that the certified copy is a legitimate copy the the initial document. There are several cases where you may need to gain a certified notarized copy of a paper including:

Valid IDsPassportsDiplomasDriver’s Licenses

Before you go with the process of gaining a certified copy, the is necessary for friend to understand what the notary is and is no doing. Psychic the notary is certifying the the copy is a legitimate copy, yet is not necessarily speaking to the authenticity of the original document. Make sure this is great enough for the party in question.

Do I have to Notarize a Copy the an original Document?

It depends on the kind of document. Not all duplicates of original files need to be notarized; however, important files including diplomas, creates of identification, and particular financial transactions may need to it is in notarized if you do a copy. In this situation, you may be thinking about driving roughly from ar to location to find a physical notary that can help you. Fortunately, there are less complicated ways for you to acquire a copy notarized thanks to contemporary technology. You might even have the ability to do this basically in certain situations.

Is a Copy of a Notarized paper Legal?


It counts on the specific situation. If friend are acquiring a copy notarized through a notary, then this must be a legal document. Top top the various other hand, if you have actually a notarized file and you go ahead and also make an additional copy, this is not necessarily going to it is in legal. The is necessary to look at the specific guidelines related to that copy to make certain it is going come be accepted by the suitable party.

What Is the Validity of a Copy of a Notarized Document?

If you make a file copy that a notarized document, the worry is the the copy may have been tampered with. Therefore, over there is no means of discovering that the record that has been copied is the very same one the the notary signed and also sealed. Therefore, if you do a copy of a record that has already been notarized, this is no necessarily walk to be accepted.

When deserve to a Copy the a Notarized file Be Rejected?

There room several cases where a copy the a notarized paper can it is in rejected. This include:

If a document was notarized and then copy, then the seal of the notary is not necessarily top top the copy the is being submitted, which could cause the file to it is in rejected.If the seal the the notary was no valid as soon as it to be embossed, then the file could it is in rejected. This takes place if the term of the notary expires before he or she notarizes the document.If there is just a partial check out on the paper and not a full seal, climate the document could be rejected.If the courts can prove the the copy that the notarized record has been tampered with, then it can be rejected thus as well.

You have to make sure the notary publicly understands what that or she is act so the you end up through a precious notarized document.

How come Notarize Online through keolistravelservices.com


Even despite there space many human being who are offered to gaining a paper notarized in person, that is now feasible for friend to gain your paper notarized online making use of a business like keolistravelservices.com. If you desire to gain your document notarized using keolistravelservices.com, the measures you must follow include:

First, you should go to keolistravelservices.com and also take a look in ~ the available appointment times. Then, pick a time that works for her schedule.Next, you will receive an e-mail invitation that you will usage to upload your papers so they have the right to be the review by the notary public.Before your session with the notary public, you will have to answer a few questions come verify your identity.When that is time for your appointment, girlfriend will interact with her notary public using video conferencing technology.Once the meeting is finished, you will wait because that the notary come notarize your document. Then, you have the right to download them and also submit them come the proper organization.

If you decision to get your documents notarized online using keolistravelservices.com, you deserve to save a far-reaching amount of time and money during this process.

Frequently request Questions about Copies and Notarized Documents

There room several typical questions that people ask around copies that notarized documents. This include:

Can you scan a notarized document?

Are scanned records legal? even though you have the right to physically scan a notarized document, this does no necessarily average the various other party is walk to expropriate it. If you space planning ~ above scanning a notarized document, you need to reach the end to the various other party ahead of time to watch if the or she will certainly accept it.

Can you email a notarized document?

Even though you space able to email a notarized document, this does no necessarily mean it is walking to be accepted. If you setup on submitting a notarized paper this way, you should reach out to the other human ahead the time come make certain they will certainly accept it.

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I’ve lost my notarized document. Walk the notary have actually a copy?

No, the vast majority of notaries carry out not retain copies of the paper they notarized. When you deserve to reach the end to the notary and also ask, they most likely do not have actually a copy.