A typically asked question by Hcg load loss patient is if they deserve to or can not haveeggs top top the Hcg Diet protocol.

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This seems choose a straightforward question, however it actually forces us to address a many dietary questions around the hCG weight loss program.

The earliest versions of this diet have an extremely simplistic rules approximately protein input without any discussion on the reasoning.


Today we choose to take it a an ext analytical approach and break all food alternatives down right into their macros and also then understand if and how those deserve to fit right into the daily target macros us give world to follow.

Eggs are among the only sources of animal protein whereby the protein and also fat and 100% separate and easy to isolation from each other. This actually gives it a nice benefit in the you have the right to just usage the whites and also during the VLCD avoid the yolks. This isn’t feasible with animal protein, so egg white skin - man are among the easiest means to get lean protein without using some type of processed protein.

The Macros of one “Egg”

1 egg is made up of about 6 grams of protein indigenous the egg white and also 4 grams the fat indigenous the yolk. Learning that 1 gram of protein is 4 calories, and 1 gram the fat is 9 calories, we then recognize that the whites of 1 egg is about 25 calories, and also the yolk indigenous 1 egg is about 36 calories.

Protein macro targets if on hCG are among the most necessary dietary variables, together it will certainly be the primary way to for sure muscle preservation while ~ above the hCG diet. Older versions that the hCG diet don’t typically permit for sufficient protein, so together an example, we would recommend approximately 110g of yes, really protein because that an median female 5’6 and 180 lb.

For reference 1oz of chicken chest has around 7g of actual protein. Once you’re tracking the diet v your individual macro targets then you deserve to see 1 egg white together 6 grams in your allowance of (in this example) 110g. Nearly the same amount that protein as 1oz that chicken breast and also 100% interchangeable.

Protein is protein, yet some enlarge versions the the hCG diet don’t take into factor to consider the actual reason you would certainly limit any type of specific kind of protein i m sorry is that is fat content.

So yes, egg whites space ok, entirety eggs or the yolk would be including unwanted diet fat and so space not recommended. One egg white scramble or omelet through leafy greens, garlic, salt/pepper would occupational with the target hCG diet macros together its only contributing protein and also fiber.

Some vegetarian Hcg Diet patients rely an extremely heavily on egg white protein as an easy method from lock to obtain protein without carbohydrate or fat which deserve to be complicated for them. Some patients who space sensitive come whey protein occasionally opt for pure egg white protein powder as a reliable alternative to hit your macro targets.

The modern hCG diet can typically be synthetic up as a ketogenic diet with sufficient protein, low carb, no fat. What renders it unique is that it is one of the few low fat ketogenic diets. As soon as dieters know this in regards to macros allowances that becomes simple to look at any type of food item and understand if it would certainly fit your hCG diet macros.

The hCG diet recommendations seem choose they are a delicate and highly strict or specific set of rules, yet the body just understands the food as macros.

For instance here is a rough instance of approximately 7 come 8 grams that protein from assorted sources; 1 egg white = 1 oz the chicken = 1/3 scoop protein shower = 1.5 oz shrimp. The main dominion is that the protein an option has to be lean, it doesn’t issue what pet or plant it came from.

So in short, the answer is YES. Egg are permitted on the protocol, and also they sell a variety of flexible services to the strict food allowances.

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You have the right to see the whole Hcg food list here. Girlfriend can additionally learn about other alternate protein choices for the protocol (beneficial because that vegetarian Hcg dieters) and see the 500 calorie diet here.