Are you connected in a job that requires having holes drilled in the glass? possibly a feet in a glass patio table top for her umbrella? If so, friend have concerned the right place.

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We can additionally cut perfectly circular glass pieces for everything you need.

Share the dimensions and also specifications of the form you desire reduced – if circular, incorporate the radius or diameter – and also attach straight to our order type as a CAD file, or a snapshot of a hand drawing. If challenging to describe, girlfriend can additionally send a preliminary illustration to support
keolistravelservices.com or through fax to (360) 892-8152 for approval. If you space unable to carry out us v a digital file, the next option is to send a record template. Prepare a tracing that the sample you want as well as your name plus call info and send to the following address:

Peninsula Glass Company, Attn: sooner or later Glass6005 NE 121st AvenueVancouver, WA 98682

There may be extra charges because that holes or circular cuts. Get in touch with us to define your certain needs.

Glass Tints available by form & Thickness:

ClearSolexBronzeLight GrayDark GraySatin EtchP-516
ClearFrosted GlueChipSolar Cool BronzeNarrow ReedCross ReedDelta FrostSeedy ReamyPattern 42ChinchillaKasumi
ClearSolexBronzeLight GrayP-516Solar Cool BronzeRain
ClearSolexBronzeLight GrayDark GraySolar Cool BronzeLow IronSatin Etch
ClearShower guard Clear
GrayLow IronSatin EtchRainBronze
ClearShower guard ClearLow IronSatin Etch
ClearFrosted GlueChipSolar Cool BronzeNarrow ReedCross ReedDelta FrostSeedy ReamyPattern 42ChinchillaKasumi
Clear / ClearLow-E / ClearSolex / ClearLight Gray / ClearDark Gray / ClearBronze / ClearP516 / ClearSatin Etch / ClearBronze / Low-EP516 / Low-ELight Gray / Low-ESolex / Low-E
Clear / ClearSolar Cool bronze / ClearNarrow Reed / ClearFrosted GlueChip / ClearLow-E / ClearRain / ClearSeedy Reamy / Clear
Clear / ClearSolar Cool bronze / ClearLow-E / ClearSolex / ClearLight Gray / ClearBronze / ClearP516 / ClearBronze / Low-EP516 / Low-ELight Gray / Low-ESolex / Low-ERain / Clear
Clear / ClearLow-E / ClearSolex / ClearLight Gray / ClearDark Gray / ClearBronze / ClearSatin Etch / ClearBronze / Low-ELight Gray / Low-ESolex / Low-ERain / Clear
Clear Tempered / Laminate

Since our glass tints room through the whole thickness that the glass, it is an ext durable and also will no rub off favor tinted movies will. Glass tints of the same shade will show up darker v thicker glass. Look at the shade charts through thickness to see how the color will influence darkness.

At at some point Glass we lug glass in several different tints, which vary according come thickness. And also we can cut tinted glass within an industry-leading 1/16th-of-an-inch cutting tolerance, which means we can complement your specific specifications. Examine out our tint samples and also see if tinted glass might be a great fit for your next project.

Drilling a hole in a glass is rather simple. What you require is to use a carbide little bit which is designed especially for glass and tile. Girlfriend can find it at most home centers alongside various other drill bits or ceramic brick tools. Due to the fact that glass is smooth and hard, the little bit wanders together you start drilling. Make sure to tape a tiny scrap of dense cardboard to the glass. When drilling a hole, start with a really low rpm to create a dimple in the glass. Once done, eliminate the cardboard and also continue at about 400 rpm. Save the glass firmly sustained on the backside and ensure you only place very light push on the drill. This is since pressing too difficult can crack the glass.

It is not recommended come drill v the tempered glass due to the fact that it will totally shatter. Mean you require a tempered glass with a feet in it; the clues or any kind of other shaping should be done prior to the tempering process.

Tempered glass is up to five times stronger contrasted to constant plate glass. The best thing around it is it can withstand surface compression of more than 10,000 psi. Not just that, but it is additionally highly resistant to heat breakage. However, it deserve to still shatter. When it breaks, it shatters into little pebbles.

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all packages are sent insured. Our typical shipping method is FedEx Ground which delivers most residential shipments within 7 business days but in most situations we can ship as fast as FedEx next Day Air.

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