Each year girlfriend spend around 1,080 hrs with her kiddos- give or take. That’s A many hours. Specifically when you take into consideration parents only obtain their kiddos because that a few hours each night throughout the college year. Students flourish and adjust throughout the course of our year with them i m sorry is why ns think that is so vital we record things we execute with ours students by taking images in the classroom.

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This isn’t yes, really so lot for our sake (although it have the right to be!) yet for the benefits of our students and also their parents. 

Since us have children in our possession for many of the day, i think it’s an important that us make pictures in the great a daily thing. All the tasks our students room doing- both academic and because that fun.


Once we have actually those pictures, it’s vital to climate share them with the parental of those kids. (I’ll re-publishing some principles on how to perform this in the next blog post.)

Why You need to be Taking photos in the Classroom

For now, though, let’s talk about some factors why we must be acquisition photos of ours students. Ns think it’s two-fold- because that our kiddos but additionally for us!

For the Teacher

When I was in grad school I was expected to document, what felt like, every moment of the institution day. A many the job-related I was doing in my grad classes was straight related to what ns was law in mine classroom.

We were supposed to take pictures of our activities, brain breaks, lessons, etc. To turn in v our grad school occupational as proof of just how we to be implementing the things we were learning.


When i look ago on that time, ns am so thankful that i was forced to take every those images for a couple of reasons. First, it provides me so countless sweet storage of those kids I taught. Secondly, it help me to see expansion in just how I emerged as a teacher end the years. (And thirdly, it’s given me a ton of photos to use on the blog- hah!)

For the Parents and also Students

However, ns think that is more an important that us take pictures in the classroom because that our students and their parents. Favor I discussed above, we have actually these youngsters in our possession because that a lot an ext of the waking hours than their parents.

Parents want to recognize what is going on v their children each day. If you are a parent, ns am certain you can relate come the excited of see a classroom photo with your kid in it. If that a photo with them engaged in an activity or actively working through a partner, every the better!


Kids love having actually their photos taken (okay, many kids!). During my first year of teaching, i sent home weekly newsletters every Friday with pictures of what we did throughout the week. I obtained so countless happy emails earlier from parental thanking me for sharing the inner workings of our classroom.

I likewise got a the majority of happy students who would come into my room Monday morning gleaming the they were in critical week’s newsletter.

If we are all around building relationships with parents (which we should be!), then this is a great way to create that connection with them.

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Classroom Photos with a Camera or a Phone?

Maybe now you are agreeing that photos in the classroom is a worthwhile thing. However you are probably trying to decide if these have to be camera top quality photos or if iphone photos space okay.

My prize is both!

For the day come day pictures, i think your phone is fine. In the minute it’s quicker and also easier.

But, if you have fun points going ~ above at college (like a special fall themed day v pumpkin funny all job long!) then lug in the fancy camera- if you have actually it!


I nothing think the way you take it the picture really matters, as long as you room being knowingly in obtaining photos of every kid and doing your finest to create photos that develop meaning.

What perform I average by that? her photos have to tell a story. As soon as I look earlier at the pictures from my first year, I watch I did not carry out this well. The photos room blurry in ~ best and also don’t really carry out a good job of conveying the emotion or feeling of what to be going on at the moment.

Luckily, this no a tough thing to learn.

How to Take top quality Photos in the Classroom

First, let’s talk around how to in reality facilitate the acquisition of the photos due to the fact that you have actually 1.453 million things on her plate. Why would certainly you include taking photos to it?

Simple. Due to the fact that it’s precious it!

If friend teach young students or the is in ~ the beginning of the new year, ns recommend you acquisition the pictures. You likely have your phone on you throughout the day. Once you learn how to check out photos through a various lens (pun intended!) girlfriend can quickly see moments throughout the day come snap a photograph or two.

To be honest, also one or two photos a job adds approximately a the majority of photos in a year! 

Recently ns took an online course referred to as How to master Your holidays Photos by Courtney (who is a former teacher turned virtual photographer entrepreneur) and also she harped on this allude of telling a story with your photos. I really latched on to that and also it’s totally changed the method I take it photos- both with my phone and also with mine camera. 

The classroom is no vacation, for sure. But some the the lessons in that course space still applicable- like how to get kids to cooperate and how come get more pictures than just the typical snapshot are 2 of the modules i would extremely recommend come look in ~ from a teaching angle.

Classroom Job- Photographer

You could likewise make that a great job. Once I interviewed Thom Gibson for the podcast, he shared that he does this in his center school classroom and I thought it was a genius idea. If you have a great iPad, this is a breeze!

It can be a project that rotates every few weeks or a project they store all semester. Either way, I suggest educating the “Class Photographer” ~ above what sort of photos girlfriend want and how come take quality photos (if you desire to learn how to take quality photos both at school and also of her loved ones- you have the right to learn here!).

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It is an initial time commitment, but once friend teach one kid, that boy teaches the following kid and also so on. 

How come Organize Photos

Okay, right here is the part I geezer out on- how to theorem photos!

As with every little thing I teach around when it concerns organization, the photos require a house (on her computer) and also it demands to be together niched under as possible. 


Here is what I typical by that. You require a folder top top your computer system for pictures. Within that folder, you need an additional folder because that each class. Within the folder, you require folders because that each day you upload, preferably v a quick description that what is going on in that group of pictures.

Again, this might be miscellaneous you include to your plate OR a job a college student does.