currently have a an equipment you love? gain Cricket organization on her compatible, unlocked device.

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just how to carry Your an equipment to Cricket (BYOD):

Verify your phone is unlocked.

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once your package arrives, insert your center card into your phone.

BYOD Data settings

If you brought your own device to Cricket, you might need to update your setups so that your data (internet access) and picture/video messaging works. Choose your operating system to discover more.

FAQs about Bringing her Own device

just how do I discover my device ID Number (IMEI)?

To find your an equipment ID number (IMEI), open up your phone"s keypad and dial*#06#. You need to see a 15-digit number. If friend don"t watch a 15-digit number, her phone is more than likely not compatible with Cricket.

You can also look in your phone"s settings to uncover your an equipment ID number.

On an iPhone, tapGeneral>About, and also scroll under to the IMEI. Girlfriend may likewise find it published on the earlier of some iPhones and also iPads. On an Android, tapAbout PhoneorAbout Tablet>Status, and also scroll under to the IMEI. On most Android devices, the IMEI number is also printed on the earlier near the battery. If you have a home windows phone, tapSettings>Aboutand look at for her IMEI. Girlfriend can likewise find it published on your phone label, i beg your pardon is located under the ago cover.

Why is my machine incompatible?

Your call or tablet probably offers a different form of to move technology. Various cell phone carrier use different networks. No all phones room compatible v all networks.

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Cell phones are additionally programmed to operation on specific frequency bands. These might vary by location and also carrier. Because that example, if you have actually a phone native Europe, it might use different bands which can cause business limitations.

Why is my device unauthorized?

only compatible attribute phones, smartphones, data only devices, and also tablets space authorized for usage on the Cricket network. No other an equipment types space allowed.

What"s a universal SIM map Kit?

The universal SIM map Activation Kit comes through pop-out center cards in 3 sizes, therefore you deserve to pick the one that works through your device.

What space the choices for currently customers?

Get a brand-new SIM Card: If your center card is shed or damaged or you want to move to another machine that uses a different size sim card, you can easily order one online. Just log in to my Account and select acquire a new SIM card. Friend can likewise visit her Cricket keep for assist in purchasing a new SIM card.

Add a Line with a machine You Own: Want to include a line to her account through a device you already own? No problem! log in in to my Account online and select include a Line, then bring Your Device. Eligible lines with BYOD tools qualify because that Cricket"s multiline discounts!

Bring a Tablet: If you"d choose to lug a tablet to Cricket, you can activate it on one of our data just plans with access to messaging.

Bring a Data Device: If you"d like to lug a data maker to Cricket, you have the right to activate that on among our data only plans with accessibility to messaging. Check maker compatibility. Only choose Cricket network compatible BYOD devices are eligible.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Device need to be compatible with the Cricket network and able to usage a Cricket sim card. Data speeds vary by machine capabilities and also network modern technology used in her coverage area. Coverage not easily accessible everywhere. Compatible rate arrangement required. Tax due in ~ sale. By purchasing, activating, or making use of your phone and our service, girlfriend acknowledge and also agree to the Cricket Wireless Terms and Conditions that Service. Coverage not obtainable everywhere.