Even if you own an automatic swimming pool cleaner, girlfriend still should use your manual pool vacuum native time to time. If you have actually a pool, you require to have actually a hand-operated pool vacuum. There are many worries that your automatic pool cleaner cannot clean—including birds blooms. To properly treat birds in her pool, girlfriend will have to shock, use algaecide, and then manually vacuum her pool.

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To vacuum your pool, you will certainly need:

A vacuum head. The form of vacuum head you require will count on what type of swimming pool you have. Watch your regional pool professional if you need advice on which vacuum is ideal for you.A vacuum hose. The size of your swimming pool will identify the size of the hose you need.A telescoping pole. Many poles space standard sizes and you can easily connect your vacuum head, a pool brush, or a net to it.A skim-vac. A skim-vac is needed with most inground and over ground—there are some exceptions.

How do I set up my vacuum?

Attach the vacuum head to the finish of the pole.Attach the hose to the vacuum.Attach skim-vac to other finish of hose. (Skip this step if you have actually a Doughboy pool.)Turn off pump.Push pole/vac/hose into pool and also release every the air out of the hose.If you have actually a Doughboy pool, press skimmer lid down into the skimmer.Open skimmer lid and also place skim-vac over skimmer/skimmer basket. Carry out not placed vacuum hose straight into skimmer hole—this will damages your pool’s plumbing over time.

To begin vacuuming her pool:

If you have actually a sand filter and are vacuuming come waste, collection filter come “waste” option. If girlfriend do have this option, the is extremely recommended the whenever you have algae, friend will need to vacuum come waste. This option permits you come vacuum the birds up and send that out v the backwash line, avoiding getting algae into your filter sand. However, friend will must vacuum quickly, as water will be exiting your pool quickly. You need to not let your water heat fall listed below your skimmer at any time. Therefore, friend will need to put your garden water tap in your swimming pool to to fill it up together you vacuum, or include fresh water again after vacuuming.Otherwise, leave setup on “filter” and also turn pump ~ above to begin vacuuming. You will certainly not shed water this way.Vacuum your pool simply as you would vacuum your living room, picking up debris or birds as girlfriend go.Once you have finished vacuuming, turn off your pump. Take out all her vacuuming equipment and also put them back into storage.Make sure to empty all skimmer baskets.If you vacuumed ~ above waste, friend will must turn her filter come the “rinse” setting, turn on the pump and also let it run for around 30 seconds, and also then revolve the pump back off.

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Make sure to collection your filter back to “filter” after ~ you execute this.If you have a cartridge filter you may want to spray the cartridges out with a garden hose and also put them earlier into the filter.Otherwise, revolve your pump earlier on and also you’re finished!

Remember that is vital to manually vacuum your swimming pool from time come time—especially if you have actually algae. Also remember that us are right here if friend have any kind of questions around vacuuming or algae!